Japan's cutting machine tools account for the highest proportion of the world's first technology

by:Gewinn     2022-05-12
In 2012, the global output value of cutting machine tools was 48.4 billion euros, and that of forming machine tools was 16.8 billion euros, accounting for 73% and 27% of the total output value of machine tools, with year-on-year growth rates of 6% and 10% respectively. . Among the major global competitors, Japan has the highest proportion of cutting machine tools, reaching 87%; followed by Switzerland at 85%; Taiwan, China, 84%; Germany, cutting at 74%, the same as the United States; South Korea rose to 73%; China It fell to 67%; Italian cutting and forming machines were evenly divided, each accounting for 50%. In 2012, Japanese cutting machine tools continued to rank first with an output value of 12.4 billion euros and a share of 25.7%; China's cutting machine tool output value dropped to 9.8 billion euros, with a share of 20.3%, ranking second; Germany's output value increased by 12% , the proportion rose to 16.2%, ranking third; Taiwan, China leads South Korea with a proportion of 7.4% (accounting for 6.7%).
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