Japan's IKO self-lubricating linear guide makes energy saving a fashion

by:Gewinn     2022-05-13
In CCB Kaiji, the three major products of NACHI, ASAHI and IKO are absolutely three parts of the world. As the company's main products, the three can be said to have their own advantages: NACHI is produced by Fujikoshi Co., Ltd. of Japan, focusing on ball/roller bearings, screw support bearings and other products; ASAHI is a product of Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd. Block bearings, universal bearings, pneumatic clutches/brakes, etc.; IKO is a product of Japan's Tosho Co., Ltd. It has the most complete specifications of needle bearings and linear guides with unique characteristics in the industry. In this issue of 'Bearing Buyer's GuideUnique saving features - saving time, saving resources, saving effort This linear bearing includes five series such as ML, ME, MH, MX, MUL. Among them, ML is a mini-type IKO self-lubricating linear guide with a minimum width of only 5mm; ME is a general-purpose type, suitable for general industrial applications; MH has the characteristics of high rigidity and high load; MX is a The structure of four rows of rollers crossed has the functions of ultra-high rigidity, ultra-high load and bearing ultra-large torque, which is suitable for the machine tool industry and the electronic equipment industry with high rigidity requirements; MUL has a special U-shaped purchase, which greatly improves the The rigidity against torque and torsion can be used as a structural part of machinery and equipment. They inherit the fine tradition of Japan's Tosho Co., Ltd. products - high performance and high quality. Japan Dongsheng Co., Ltd., founded in 1950, is a professional bearing manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years, specializing in the production of needle roller bearings and linear guides. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It is produced in Japan. Needle roller bearings are the manufacturer with the longest history, the most complete varieties and the highest level of specialization, while Jianxin Qiji has become an honorable member of this big family since 2008 with its stable operation and strong strength. save time. The time saving is mainly because the self-lubricating linear guides are maintenance-free, which saves a lot of time. The lubricating oil in the self-lubricating pipe maintains its lubricating performance for a long time. Even if the original lubricating oil in the pipe is exhausted, the capillary lubricating body can continuously supply lubricating oil, so it can reduce the labor required for cumbersome lubrication management and realize maintenance-free (5 year or 20,000km). save resources. Self-lubricating linear guides make a great contribution to environmental protection because they only require a small amount of lubricating oil to achieve the lubrication effect required by the user. It is precisely because of this special point of low fuel consumption that the self-lubricating linear guide can achieve the effect of lubrication even under long-term use.
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