Japan's Kitamura Machinery launched a 5-axis machining center with higher precision during high-speed machining

by:Gewinn     2022-05-12
Kitamura Machinery (Headquarters: Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture) launched the 'Mytrunnion-3' 5-axis control vertical machining center with higher precision in high-speed machining. Rigidity is increased by employing a trunnion structure based on a circular basic structure. The trunnion is equipped with dual servo (direct drive) motors, the rotational speed of the rotary shaft is 250 rpm, the rotational speed of the inclined shaft is 80 rpm, and the torque reaches 3000 N m. The center of the tilt axis of the trunnion is flush with the table surface of the rotary axis. Even if 5 axes are controlled at the same time, the coordinate system of the workpiece does not change, and there is no need to adjust the tool offset every time, so the accumulated error can be reduced. In addition, the scraper is used to scrape the right angles of each axis, preventing the deviation of the tool path, thereby improving the tracking performance. All axes are positioned by dual servo motors, which improves the tracking performance of the body. At the same time, all axes are equipped with a feedback mechanism with built-in LinearScale, which improves accuracy. The positioning accuracy is ±0.001mm, and the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.0005mm. The backlash of the A/C axis is 0. Workpieces up to 500×400mm can be processed. The load-bearing weight of the worktable is 300kg, and the movement of the X/Y/Z axis is 910/815/500mm. The spindle rotation speed is 200,000 to 20,000 rpm, and the rapid feed rate is 50m/min.
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