Japan's Kuroda Seiko focuses on the Chinese market of precision stamping dies

by:Gewinn     2022-05-06
Japan's Kuroda Seiko expanded its production and sales network to local companies, mainly producing and maintaining precision molds, and manufacturing and selling the core components of engines, such as 'motorcore'. At present, the expansion plan of the sales network and personnel system is still under discussion. Compared with the local market in Japan, only by developing overseas markets with greater development potential can the company continue to grow and grow. Therefore, Kuroda Seiko plans to increase its overseas sales from less than 20% now to 30% in March 2012. . Currently, Kuroda Seiko has branch offices in Zhejiang Province of China and Malaysia, responsible for production and sales. The company is particularly optimistic about the Asian market where China is located, and plans to add branches and then consciously develop network promotion. In addition, Kuroda Seiko is also looking for more dealers. For example, in the Chinese market, the branch is the center, and the surrounding agencies are used to develop foreign markets.
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