Japan's machinery orders fell sharply in November last year

by:Gewinn     2022-05-12
According to the statistical data (seasonally adjusted value) of machinery orders for November 2008 released by the Cabinet Office of Japan on the 15th, the order value of 'private demand other than ship powerRMB), a sharp drop of 16.2% from the previous month, the largest monthly decline since April 1987. The order value was only higher than July 1987 (734.4 billion yen), hitting a new low of 21 years and 4 months. Data show that, affected by the global economic downturn, auto and motor manufacturers are further reducing the scale of equipment investment. The drop in investment is expected to further deteriorate the economic outlook. Japan's Cabinet Office lowered its keynote judgment on order trends to 'significantly decreasing' after a lapse of two months. Manufacturing orders plunged 33.2 percent, the biggest drop on record, as auto and motor makers slashed orders for machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. On the other hand, the communication industry increased orders for communication equipment, and the orders for non-manufacturing industries rebounded after a lapse of 5 months, a slight increase of 0.5% from the previous month.
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