Japan's post-earthquake reconstruction spurs import demand

by:Gewinn     2022-05-11
'Because many parts suppliers in Japan were damaged in the earthquake and tsunami, and many large and influential Japanese companies, such as Panasonic, Honda, Murata and other companies, need to import a large number of parts needed to resume production. Chinese parts no matter where Both price and quality have an advantage, so it is a good time for Chinese parts and components companies to enter the Japanese market.' On April 27, Yasushi Iijima, director of the Beijing Office of the Japanese Government Tourism Bureau, held the 2011 Japan Electronics, This is what the reporter said at the promotion meeting of the Machinery Parts and Materials Expo (TECHNO-FRONTIER). The Japan Energy Rate Association is the largest electronic machinery industry association in Japan, and its exhibitions, forums and other activities have a high reputation in the world. Japan has a high technical advantage in the electronics and machinery industries. The Japan Energy Rate Association will hold the annual TECHNO-FRONTIER in Tokyo, Japan from July 20 to 22 this year. . Japan's post-disaster reconstruction sparked strong import demand According to Yasuhiro Iijima, the reconstruction and revival of Japan's economic activities, civic life, culture and arts and other fields are proceeding in an orderly manner. Regarding the issue of nuclear radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which has attracted worldwide attention, Yasuhiro Iijima explained, 'The value of nuclear radiation is measured every day in all parts of Japan. Judging from the detected value, the radiation is completely within the safe range stipulated by the International Health Organization, and The radiation value is gradually decreasing. Japan is already very safe.' According to Iijima, the first group of Chinese tourists after the earthquake will go to Japan for sightseeing during the 'May Day' period. 'At present, Japan is still in a special period of post-disaster reconstruction. As the Japanese media and major trading companies have said, there is a huge demand after the disaster, especially now that Japan's electricity supply is insufficient, and many places are required to save electricity. In this case, the relevant The demand for power supply, batteries and environmental protection is particularly strong,' said Yasuhiro Iijima. With the development of trade between China and Japan, the trade volume between China and Japan has continued to increase. According to the statistics of the Japan External Trade Organization, the total trade volume between China and Japan in 2010 reached 301.85 billion US dollars, an increase of 30% over 2009. China remains Japan's largest trading partner and Japan's largest source of imports. With the continuous improvement of the internationalization level of Chinese enterprises and the continuous upgrading of product quality of Chinese enterprises, China's electronic high-tech components and various types of mechanical components have been able to meet the requirements of the Japanese market, which has also made Japan more interested in electronic products made in China. The import demand for high-tech products and various mechanical parts and components is particularly strong. However, at present, in Japan's imported high-tech electronic parts and mechanical parts, the proportion of Chinese products is not high, which indicates that for the vast number of Chinese electronic and mechanical parts enterprises, Japan is a big market that needs to be developed urgently. market. With the recovery of Japan's economy, the market demand is rapidly increasing, which fully indicates that the Japanese electronic and mechanical spare parts market is full of unlimited business opportunities for Chinese enterprises. 'Especially after the Great East Japan Earthquake, many large electromechanical enterprises in Japan are faced with the resumption of production and post-disaster reconstruction, and many enterprises have created a large gap in the supply of spare parts. The quality and price have entered the Japanese market.' Yasuhiro Iijima said. 'In order to help relevant domestic enterprises to further expand the Japanese market, Beijing Peace Longway Exhibition Co., Ltd., as the general agent in China of the exhibition designated by the Japan Energy Association, will continue to organize relevant domestic enterprises to participate in the exhibition in Japan.' One of the organizers of this promotion meeting Wei Ru, general manager of Beijing Peace Longway Exhibition Co., Ltd. The 2011 exhibition is expected to be good. According to Kensuke Kondo of the Japan Energy Rate Association, Japan Electronics, Machinery Parts and Materials Expo is Japan's largest professional exhibition of various parts and components. For manufacturers of mechanical tools, precision instruments and electrical and electronic equipment, the world's most advanced technology and various spare parts products in this field are displayed. The exhibition includes motors, power supplies, operation engineering, EMC and noise countermeasures, computers, thermal countermeasures, batteries, mechatronics, production and design. Among them, the motor technology section, as an important part of the exhibition, has been successfully held for 28 sessions; the power system section and the EMC noise countermeasure technology section have also been successfully held for more than 20 consecutive years. At the same time of the exhibition, a forum for exhibitors and professional audiences to communicate will also be held for exhibitors and buyers from all over the world to exchange the latest industry information. At the 2010 exhibition, a total of 456 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition attracted many international professional visitors. There are more than 20 Chinese exhibitors from Tianjin, Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and other places in the exhibition, and the interest of Chinese exhibitors in this exhibition is showing a rising trend. 'Due to the improvement of product quality in China, many spare parts companies have become the spare parts supply bases of famous foreign companies, so this exhibition is exactly where China's machinery, electronics, motors, power supplies, switches, automobiles and other spare parts and materials companies showcase themselves. products and a good platform for developing foreign markets.' Wei Ru said. At the TECHNO-FRONTIER exhibition, new technological products and new technologies in various parts and components industries will be displayed. 'For thousands of professional buyers and professionals, TECHNO-FRONTIER is a rare opportunity for international entrepreneurs to enter the dynamic Japanese high-tech market and meet face-to-face with users and decision makers. It is an opportunity not to be missed. It is expected that the 2011 exhibition will achieve better results.' Yasuhiro Iijima placed good expectations on the 2011 exhibition.
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