Japan's Tokyo Machinery Elements Exhibition opens, the first day is very popular

by:Gewinn     2022-05-13
On June 24, 2015, the 19th Tokyo Machinery Elements and Technology Exhibition (M-Tech) was grandly opened at the Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Center. More than 2,300 well-known exhibitors from Germany, France, Canada, China, Japan and South Korea Enterprises participated in the exhibition. The exhibition covers cutting tools, engines, fluid power, fasteners and fixing technology, materials, finished parts and manufacturing processes, materials, finished parts and manufacturing processes, testing, measurement and sensors, mechanical parts and other related products. In recent years, affected by factors such as rising labor costs and rising raw material prices, the pace of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has been further accelerated. China has formulated the 'Made in China 2025' strategy to vigorously promote the development of intelligent equipment and advanced manufacturing technology. Japan also launched the '2015 Edition of Manufacturing White Paper' corresponding to Germany's Industry 4.0 and the US Industrial Internet. At present, the global manufacturing industry is moving towards intelligence, and the replacement of machines in various factories has accelerated the development, bringing a rare development opportunity to the machinery industry and traditional processing and manufacturing industries. This exhibition has attracted many professionals from design and development, manufacturing, production engineering, purchasing and quality control departments who are looking for new products or solutions to visit. The first day of the opening was very popular, and the on-site audience was well-organized, reflecting the rigorous and meticulous style of the Japanese. In addition to wonderful technical products, a number of industry seminars were also held at the exhibition. Among them, corporate executives such as Panasonic, Siemens and GE made professional speeches at the seminar on the first day of the exhibition. (M-Tech), as the top event in the Asian machinery parts industry, gathers a large number of professional buyers in Tokyo, providing an excellent opportunity for overseas companies to open up the Japanese market. Japan is a world-class industrial power with leading manufacturing technology in the world. It has also gathered many Fortune 500 companies. According to relevant statistics, in Japan's manufacturing industry, the automobile industry has become the first pillar industry with 16% of the total output value, followed by electronic machinery, whose total output exceeds 10% of the entire machinery industry in Japan. With the development of industrial globalization, a large number of Japanese-funded enterprises choose to set up branches and invest in factories overseas. This exhibition provides an opportunity to meet the highest-end customers from Japan and Asia, forming a huge market effect. It is understood that the Tokyo Machinery Elements and Technology Exhibition is hosted by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd, the world's largest exhibition group, and the 26th Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition and the 6th Medical Equipment Development and Manufacturing will be held concurrently. Exhibition and the 23rd Industrial 3D Virtual Imaging Technology Exhibition, and the Tokyo Machinery Elements and Technology Exhibition is one of the largest lineups in this Japanese industrial exhibition. At the exhibition site, you can see all kinds of IT solutions including production systems, as well as factory automation, measurement and image technology, top 3D technology and super high-definition image technology, etc. The overall exhibition scale is very large. OFweek's high-tech industry portal specially sent professional representatives to visit the site and make a full report on the exhibition. Please pay attention to the relevant exciting reports later.
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