Japan's Toray developed a new carbon fiber reinforced PPS resin

by:Gewinn     2022-05-13
The carbon fiber reinforced PPS resin developed by Japan Toray this time not only has a tensile strength comparable to that of aluminum castings, but also achieves a weight reduction of 45%, while inheriting the good heat resistance, flame resistance and chemical resistance of PPS. The production equipment is the same as the injection molding equipment used for glass fiber reinforced PPS resin. Compared with metal materials, the product design is more flexible and changeable, and a variety of composite molding technologies can be used in production. The product is expected to have a wide range of applications in mass-produced vehicles, electrical appliances and machinery manufacturing. At present, Toray is stepping up the research and development of market-oriented industrialized mass production technology. Aluminum castings are obtained by injecting molten aluminum at high temperature into molds, with high production efficiency and high tensile strength, so they are widely used in the production of automobile/motorcycle wheels, engine parts and mechanical parts. The carbon fiber reinforced PPS resin developed this time adopts Toray’s proprietary long fiber carbon fiber reinforced particle production technology, carbon fiber/PPS resin contact surface adhesion improvement technology, and PPS-based resin materials that can be used in injection molding processes. Tensile strength Comparable to aluminum casting, this is the first time in the world. Before that, Toray used Torayca®, the PAN-based carbon fiber with the highest adoption rate in the world, combined with Toray's unique polymer-alloy technology and polymer performance improvement technology, and used thermoplastic resin as the matrix material to develop an injection molding process that can be produced. The carbon fiber thermoplastic reinforced resin pellet Torayca® Pellet has been industrialized and mass-produced. Its light weight, high strength, low linear expansion coefficient, effective shielding against electromagnetic waves, and excellent sliding properties make it widely used in automotive parts, home appliance parts, notebook computer/digital camera casings, bicycle parts, fishing gear and other fields. Since then, Torayca® Pellet, which was developed based on PPS resin, has added excellent properties such as heat resistance, flame retardant and chemical resistance in addition to the above advantages. It has been used in pumps, motors and other components for more than three years. Records. However, there are problems such as low tensile strength, and it is difficult to replace metal materials in a wider range. On this basis, Toray Company further improved the performance of tensile strength. By controlling its nanostructure, it ensured the high uniformity of long-fiber carbon fibers, and focused on improving the adhesion between carbon fibers and PPS resin. solved this problem. Toray is both the brand owner of carbon fiber Torayca® and a producer of PPS resin. In the future, the research on the combination of the two materials will continue, and newer and more valuable new materials will be launched.
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