Japan's tsugami company will produce and sell low-priced machine tools in China

by:Gewinn     2022-05-06
It is reported that Japan's Tsugami, which produces small machine tools, will start producing low-priced machine tools in China this summer. Tsugami expanded its orders with machine tools for smartphone manufacturing in 2011 and 2012, but this demand is currently at a low ebb, so it is imperative to expand into other fields. Starting in July, the company will actively utilize the Zhejiang factory, which was previously used to produce smartphone manufacturing equipment, and build a new plant with an area of u200bu200babout 7,000 square meters to produce low-priced machine tools with reduced functions. The initial output will be monthly About 100 sets, the goal is to strive to make the monthly output of low-priced machine tools reach 500 sets within 2 years. It is understood that the orders for machine tools for smartphone manufacturing in Tsugami, which had previously performed strongly, have entered a low ebb since around the summer of 2012. Therefore, in the future, Tsugami will vigorously expand the market of machine tools for auto parts processing with a huge market scale and stable demand. stable income. The low-priced machine tools produced by its Zhejiang factory are lathes for cutting metal blocks. In terms of design, it will reduce costs by taking advantage of the advantages of producing a large number of parts and components independently, and its price will be enough to compete with Asian manufacturers that are generally only about half of Japanese machine tools. The product. Japanese machine tool companies are responding to the sharp drop in orders for smartphone machine tools. Japan's Fanuc has started developing small machine tools for auto parts processing in March this year due to the decline in orders for machine tools for smartphones.
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