Japan's Tungaloy 6 Features Drill Bits are Strongly Launched

by:Gewinn     2022-05-07
Japan Tungaloy Co., Ltd. (TUNGALOY, formerly Toshiba Tungsten Industry) launched! 12.5~54.0mm, L/Du003d2, 3, 4, 5 TDX series indexable drill products. This tool has its 6 major features: 1. One blade has 4 tips for cutting. The center edge and circumferential edge can be indexed, which is economical; 2. The ideal balance design can suppress the vibration of the tool when cutting in, and can achieve stable processing; 3. The new three-dimensional chipbreaker insert is used, which is suitable for Processing of mild steel and stainless steel, which are difficult to handle with chips; 5. The thickness of the blade is thicker than the previous blade, which improves the resistance to breakage and prolongs the service life of the tool. 6. Due to the stable cutting and good chip removal, the machining accuracy can be improved and the machining surface roughness can be obtained.
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