Japan sets robotics, 3D printing, etc. as the focus of manufacturing development

by:Gewinn     2022-05-10
The 'Manufacturing White Paper' adopted by the Japanese government's cabinet meeting stated that it will vigorously adjust the structure of the manufacturing industry, and regard robots, next-generation clean energy vehicles, regenerative medicine and 3D printing technology as key areas for future manufacturing development. The white paper said that as Japan's automobiles, information and communication equipment, electronic appliances and other manufacturing industries continue to move overseas, the growth of exports of industrial products has been sluggish, and the competitiveness of Japan's manufacturing industry in the world has declined, resulting in Japan's increasing trade deficit. In order to change the situation that Japan's domestic manufacturing industry is shrinking and its trade deficit is expanding, Japan must adjust its manufacturing structure and vigorously improve the international competitiveness of its industrial products. The white paper emphasizes that it should focus on developing cutting-edge fields of manufacturing, and accelerate the development of industries such as robotics, next-generation clean energy vehicles, regenerative medicine, and 3D printing. The white paper also emphasizes that in order to ensure the structural adjustment of the manufacturing industry and further develop high-value-added cutting-edge technology industries, it is necessary to strengthen the training of professional scientific and technical personnel, develop higher vocational education, and ensure the required high-quality professional and technical personnel.
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