Japan wants to build a robot city by 2020

by:Gewinn     2022-05-07
According to reports, as one of the most developed countries in robotics technology in the world, Japan has been paying attention to the development of robots to replace human beings and making practices for this. Recently, a technology company called Cyberdyne paid US$54.68 million to buy a piece of land with an area of u200bu200b84,057 square meters near Tsukuba, Japan, for the construction of a robot city called 'CybernicCity'. The chairman of Cyberdyne said that in this city, robots will participate in all walks of life, including medical, industrial, and agricultural, and replace humans to complete all the basic work. In this way, we can most intuitively know what a city in which a large number of robots replace humans to work will look like, so as to weigh the pros and cons more clearly. In addition, we can also cooperate with some commercial institutions to let robots complete the operation of the city, including planting crops, services and production, etc., all of which will be completed by robots. The city includes a home for the elderly, a research center, a hospital, squares, parks, and other infrastructure and basic services. And when the city is built, we hope to be in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The advanced technology of the Japanese in robotics makes us have certain expectations for the establishment of a robot city, and what aspects of the robot generation will bring us, let's wait and see the results after the city is built.
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