Japanese companies launch CAM for molds that can complete 5-axis machining with high precision and high efficiency

by:Gewinn     2022-05-16
Graphic Products of Japan will launch on September 12, 2005 'tools MX' CAM for 5-axis control machining (MC) molds. Since 5-axis machining can process parts with complex shapes from multiple directions, it can reduce time wasting and accuracy degradation caused by tool replacement, and it has been widely used in recent years. Tools MX is mainly used to generate programs for 5-axis machining. The price is 7.77 million yen (about 600,000 yuan. Tax included), and the annual maintenance fee is 592,000 yen (about 46,000 yuan). The sales target for 2005 is 30 sets. Screen example of 'tools MX' for 5-axis machining Tools MX first defines a surface arbitrarily on a 3D model, and then uses the 3-axis machining mode to generate a machining program. Various optimization functions, such as avoidance of empty cuts, adjustment of automatic clearing areas, interference checking, and calculation of the optimum protrusion amount, can be used to generate programs that can be processed with high precision and efficiency. In addition, the machining result display function can be used to quickly check the program on the screen.
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