Japanese machine tool makers strengthen overseas production systems

by:Gewinn     2022-05-08
Affected by the continued appreciation of the yen, Japanese machine tool manufacturers are forced to strengthen overseas production mechanisms and optimize production around the world. The internationally renowned Yamazaki Mazak Company stopped the domestic production of some small and medium-sized machine tools, and switched to the method of producing and re-importing to Japan by the American branch to improve profitability. Yamazaki Mazak also said that depending on future exchange rate changes, the types of imported machine tools will be further expanded to diversify exchange rate risks. The appreciation of the yen has affected the competitiveness of Japanese machine tool manufacturers overseas. Japanese companies that have transferred their production bases to Asia have purchased machine tools from China and Taiwan that are 2-5% cheaper than those made in Japan. It is estimated that Taiwan's machine tool company Taitung Precision Machinery's daily sales in 2011 will reach 500 million yen, which is 8 times that of last year; Chinese plastic molding machine company Haitian International's sales in Japan from April to August 2011 increased by 5 times year-on-year. , 120 machines are expected to be sold this year. In order to adapt to this change, Japanese machine tool manufacturers have been forced to strengthen their production and sales overseas, especially in Asia. Makino Milling Machines, OKK, and Toyohwa Industries have started production in Singapore, Thailand and China to expand their production capacity. It is also reported that under the influence of China's financial tightening policy, China's orders for Japanese machine tools in August decreased by 10.1% year-on-year, the first decrease in 23 months.
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