Japanese media say Chinese employees stole company secrets from Japanese machine tool companies

by:Gewinn     2022-05-16
According to a report by Kyodo News on March 29, Japanese machine tool giant Yamazaki Mazak revealed in an interview with the media on the 29th that it was loved for illegally obtaining product information such as the company's design drawings and allegedly violating the 'Unfair Competition Prevention Act'. Tang Bo (31), a Chinese employee arrested by the county police, used the IP addresses of several other departments to steal information he did not have access to. According to the report, an IP address is an identification code assigned to a computer terminal when it connects to the Internet. According to Yamazaki Mazak, Tang Bo managed to obtain and use about 10 IP addresses since January in order to obtain information for which he did not have access rights. A total of 900 computers in the company can be connected to servers that store confidential information such as product design drawings. The company this month became suspicious of Tang Bo's access to a large amount of information unrelated to his own business, and set a connection limit on the IP address of the computer lent to the person. However, Tang Bo changed his IP address and continued to obtain information illegally.
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