Japanese service robots are fascinated

by:Gewinn     2022-05-09
Japan's guiding concept of service robots, 'Building a symbiotic society of human-robot interaction': Japan is the world's largest robot country. In 1980, it was recognized as the first year of robotics by the Japanese industry, and service robots have developed rapidly in the following 25 years. Especially the RT strategy proposed in 2001 and the new robot strategy released in 2015 proposed to establish the world's first robot application society, so that robots can be seen everywhere. With the concept of 'building a symbiotic society of human-robot interactionTechnology: Cutting-edge technology guided by the manufacture of humanoid robots. The proposer of the concept of 'human-robot interactionMedical Chapter: Starting from solving practical problems for patients and doctors, various robots have been developed in the fields of medical treatment, rehabilitation and elderly care to cope with the social status quo of severe aging and manpower shortage. Including low-cost artificial limbs, disabled rehabilitation assistants, new electric wheelchairs, and pet-type robots for the treatment of mental problems. Life: Robots go deep into all aspects of social life. On the one hand, they reduce tedious labor and make life easier; on the other hand, they carry out various cutting-edge research and advance towards an unmanned and intelligent society. Including robotic phones, personal care products, travel, sports, entertainment, and more. Agriculture and Forestry Disaster Relief: Taking auxiliary people as the core to alleviate work problems in heavy and harsh environments. Including crop picking robots, smart flower pots, and disaster relief robots that can adapt to complex environments. Integration: Japan's unique concept of system integration planning, combining user needs, technology and services, making overall planning according to actual application scenarios, and then importing different forms of robots, try to play under the current technology and cost conditions The role of robots. It has been practically applied in hotels and Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster relief.
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