JMTBA predicts that Japan's machine tool orders in 2011 are expected to rise to the level of 2008

by:Gewinn     2022-06-03
Japan Machine Tool Builders Association (JMTBA) President Yokoyama Motohiko pointed out at a regular press conference a few days ago that the order value of Japanese machine tools in 2011 is expected to reach 1.3 trillion yen, an increase of about 30% over 2010. If this goal can be achieved, Japan's machine tool orders will basically return to the level of 2008. At the beginning of 2011, JMTBA had expected the machine tool order amount for the whole year to be 1.1 trillion yen. The target amount announced this time increased by 18% compared with the beginning of the year. It is reported that in the first half of 2011, driven by the growing demand in Asia and North America, Japan's machine tool orders increased significantly. However, due to the continued appreciation of the yen in the foreign exchange market and the increasingly obvious trend of slowing down the pace of global economic recovery, the machine tool order situation in Japan in the second half of the year is not optimistic. According to JMTBA, the export value of Japanese machine tools will reach 900 billion yen in 2011, surpassing the 863.6 billion yen in 2007, setting a new record high. Japan's domestic machine tool orders are expected to be only 400 billion yen, more than half of the historical peak in 2005, and growth is slow. The monthly average monthly value of Japanese machine tool orders from August to December 2011 is about 102.5 billion yen, which is more conservative than the 112.5 billion yen from January to July. The association announced on the same day that Japan's machine tool orders in July 2011 were 113.4 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 34.8%. Among them, overseas orders amounted to 77.6 billion yen, an increase of 41.4% year-on-year; domestic orders amounted to 35.8 billion yen, an increase of 22.2%. Judging from the order situation in July, Japan's machine tool orders have recovered to the level of June 2008 before the outbreak of the financial crisis, but the chain has declined compared with June 2011.
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