Large Japanese machine tool companies invest in China to produce high-tech products

by:Gewinn     2022-05-11
According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, a few days ago, Mori Seiki, a large Japanese machine tool company, negotiated with Shenyang Machine Tool, the largest machine tool company in China, and GILDEMEISTER AG, the largest machine tool company in Germany, to set up a joint venture to produce machine tools in China. The investment ratio is expected to be 1/3 respectively. , mainly produces small machine tools. In the past, Japanese machine tool companies were more cautious about investing overseas in order to prevent the loss of technology. Now, Mori Seiki has established a joint venture with the largest machine tool companies in China and Germany to increase its popularity in China and expand its rapidly developing market. This investment is the first time Mori Seiki has established an enterprise in China. The joint venture company mainly manufactures small machine tools for the production of electronic products such as smartphones and computers, as well as parts for automobiles. The initial plan is to produce 100 units per month. GILDEMEISTER AG is responsible for design and development, Shenyang Machine Tool is responsible for production, Mori Seiki is responsible for sales and service to strengthen cooperation, and will expand to emerging countries and the Japanese, American and European markets in the future.
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