Large Korean companies have expanded Ru0026D investment to seize development opportunities

by:Gewinn     2022-04-20
Although the world economic crisis is still worsening, South Korean big companies are actively expanding the scale of investment in order to seize the development opportunities. LG Group plans to invest 11.3 trillion won this year, and Ru0026D investment alone will reach 3.5 trillion won, an increase of 25% over the previous year; Hyundai-Kia Motors plans to invest 9,000 billion won, of which Ru0026D expenses are 3,000 billion won, an increase of 50%; Hyundai Heavy Industry equipment investment 1,430 billion won, and Ru0026D investment of 236.7 billion won, an increase of 25% and 37% respectively; GS Group plans to invest 2,300 billion won, an increase of 10%; POSCO invests 7,000 billion won, of which, domestic 6,000 billion won, an increase of 50%, overseas 1,000 billion won Korean won, mainly for overseas mergers and acquisitions; Lotte Group plans to invest 4.3 trillion won, an increase of 7.5%; Shinsegae Group plans to invest 1 trillion won, mainly for the expansion of department stores and the construction of large supermarkets, including the opening of 8 in East China. Supermarket; Doosan Heavy Industries u0026 Construction invested 1.5 trillion won. Although Samsung Group and SK Group have not released investment plans, they are expected to be basically the same as last year. In the eyes of many large enterprises, although the crisis has brought many difficulties to the production and operation of enterprises, it also contains opportunities. Only by increasing investment, especially in Ru0026D, can they seize the opportunity and achieve faster development.
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