Lenox USA launches new band saw blade Q88

by:Gewinn     2022-04-24
LENOX, the world's leading manufacturer of band saw blades and cutting fluids, has designed and launched the new Q88 bi-metal band saw blade, which provides stable performance for demanding sawing applications. It not only provides smooth and straight cuts, but also It also minimizes vibration and achieves longer service life. “This unique band saw blade is designed to meet the sawing needs of customers across Asia,” said Matthew Lacroix, Senior Product Manager Band Saw Products at LENOX. In a range of application areas of machine parameters, the development of high-efficiency band saw blades is of great significance. This design uses our proprietary 'Q' process and new tooth profiles, which are used in demanding industries such as machine shops and steel service centers in the Asian region. Under normal conditions, the life of the band saw blade can be significantly improved.” According to LENOX, the optimized Q88 band saw blade can cut carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, die steel and stainless steel. Its proprietary Q surface treatment technology increases the strength of the blade backing, extending its life and eliminating the possibility of blade failure due to breakage. The Q process produces a more stable tooth edge, reduces drag and vibration, and extends the life of the saw blade, making it exceptional for bunch sawing or wide cutting. The advanced tooth profile of the Q88 band saw blade allows the teeth to easily penetrate the cutting surface, which is a common cutting condition in Asia. In addition to the strong tooth profile, the Q88 saw blade features a unique patented tooth profile that reduces noise and vibration for smooth, straight cuts.
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