ligna 2001 draws a global crowd.

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More than 110,000 visitors, including 2,640 Americans, came to Hanover to visit the world\'s newest attractions
Wood Processing Technology
In addition, despite the weak global economy, the \"World Expo\" in the woodworking machinery industry has not been disappointing.
On May 21, about 1,929 exhibitors and 110,000 visitors from 49 different countries gathered in Hanover, Germany-25.
This year\'s sligna is the biggest ever, further driving Ligna\'s claim as the world\'s largest woodworking industry conference.
However American tourists number decreased the 9% this year for 2,640 people compared under this year for 2,910 people.
The highlights of the AtLigna 2001 include mass customization, green machines, robots, hollow knife heads and innovative methods of fixing parts.
A system composed of various combinations of computers
Ligna demonstrated the control saw, hoist, boring machine and machining center designed to allow \"mass production \".
The speed and complexity of these machines enable the rapid production of parts that vary from product to product.
In the past, green machines were just green that was everywhere in most industrial equipment.
The \"green\" in the machine has a new meaning.
Some mechanical suppliers touted the efficiency of their equipment and the ability to achieve efficient dust removal.
In addition, the whole system complements the interface between the machine and the operator by having the machine do all the hard work, such as the importance of handling and stacking robots.
The robots exhibited in Ligna are far from the early days of robots.
The robots exhibited at 1980 are mainly to complete the sale.
The robots displayed on the Ligna stand are mainly used for material handling applications where humans cannot provide the speed and precise execution required for Saw and machining centers to work at extremely fast speeds.
So if humans no longer need to do freedom, push and build up, ergonomics and repetitive motion pressure are not a problem.
The hollow cutter head introduces an unorthodox new edge timing diamond cutter head, which is said to increase the chip collection by more than 90% by reducing the suction force by 30%, while reducing the power consumption by 70%.
Through the collaborative design and engineering of Dresden University of Technology, German tool manufacturers, Leitz and Leuco, and Homag, equipment manufacturers
The head of the system caused a sensation. With the i-
In the system, the chip is removed through the internal channel in the tool.
Wood waste is then collected through a much smaller nozzle located at the bottom of the tool\'s \"hollow\" center.
Show traditional cutting side by side with I-
The system shows the excellent ability of the new cutter head to remove chips because it does not produce the usual shavings and dust.
In the past few years, with the recent continuation of the \"less is more\" theme of mechanical innovation, small machines with greater capabilities have received attention in Ligna.
Touted smaller \"footprints\", faster speeds and computers --
Many machine manufacturers have targeted their introduction to shops with limited floor space and/or budget.
Even on the most basic machines, affordable and complex computer controls are now common.
Pushing the machining center to the new speed limit through computer control and faster spindle, the installation is everything, people pay great attention to fast parts fixing and keeping --down.
How fast the parts are placed and fixed, and then removed in order to prepare the table top bed for the next part, which is essential to reduce the conversion, so that small batches, including personalized parts, can be handled in a more timely and cost-effective manner
Efficient way.
Several main points of viewto-
The manufacturer showed newfeed-
Through a fixture system that quickly adapts to changes in part size.
The following review presents a sample of new products from atLigna 2001.
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Altendorf has introduced a new transparent saw blade shield that improves its F-
Saw on 45 and Elmo slide tables.
Digital reading and tilt
The height reading also becomes F-45standards.
The American woodworking machinery dealer imports Nardello SC1800 for special purpose, a crossbar saw for panels and drawers.
The machine can be used as part of the beam and cross line, allowing the use-manoperation.
Feed speed is reported to be up to 60 m/min.
It is said that the Agilent o universal press from asalo is suitable for almost every shape and size of the workpiece.
The speed of the hydraulic unit is 360 degrees.
The pressure is released through the fingertip operation, and Indexingholes allow the workpiece to match simply.
Barberan, representative of the United StatesS.
Through Allwood Machinery, the UV powder coating production line is introduced to complete the mid-fiber board at one time without additional polishing.
The system, which costs about $100,000, has the look and feel of hot melt melamine.
You can also wear plain clothes.
Barberan also shows the new line of form-factor packaging machines that Allwood Machinery also offers.
They feature that the bed frame can automatically change the laminate unit to a new profile shape.
Anderson USA offers eight Innospann to turn more
Function beam.
The Innospann beam can be positioned to allow horizontal work on the workpiece of the vertical adjustment spindle.
Machine and a12-fold ran-
The job range on Rob tools magazine and X is 3,500mm, the work Range on Y is 1,850mm, and the work Range on Z is 300mmaxis.
Mercedes-Benz announced plans to open a Charlotte NC office for CNC machining centers to produce tool brackets and aggregates.
Products include cone handle, right angle drilling and milling head, multi
Spindle drilling and milling head and height-speed spindles.
The new Biesse Arrow solid wood processing center is equipped with ats (
Advanced table settings)
Bar and single light unit for locking thick pieces to 100mm.
It has a work area of 012mm x 1,549mm.
Biesse also showed the winner\'s robotic loading and unloading system to RBO.
The modular built system has seven axes-
Four axes for the active panel and three axes for positioning the panel.
Biesse introduces Rover 24, a medium-sized processing center.
It can handle two interior doors at the same time.
Flexible workbench, simple function-to-set tooling.
There are two electric spindles in front and enough power to work on solid wood.
It has 28 vertical drilling spindles.
CMS North America offers a Triax 4 t CNC machining center that combines apoint-to-
Use the power point of the router.
It is available with avacuum table or vacuum pod and track table at 4-ft by 12-ft or 4-ft by17-ft sizes.
During Ligna, CMS announced that it had reached an agreement to become a North American agent for rye machinery in the UK.
The products that CMS will provide include Rye/cms qm cnc router, a 3-axisentry-
Grader for processing wood, plastic, composite and aluminum.
Main features include a lateral speed of 40 m/min, a rotation speed of up to 20,000 rpm, 16-
Spindle drill head and plate seven-tool changer.
Carval offers a continuous automatic screw lathe with renzoborgonghe.
It is designed to make a wide variety of spiral pieces, such as rope molding starting with a simple saw, which is actually infinitely long. Striebig (Colonial Saw)
A newly developed digital measurement system with accurate to0 is introduced. 01mm.
Individual tasks such as locking and releasing saw beams, setting the horizontal cutting height, making the motor pour and rotate, and locking the support roller during cutting are fully automatic.
Costa & Grissom has introduced the KKA bottom and topwidebelt Sander series.
It has two to six working units, including the planing unit, the drum unit and the segmented pad.
The machine uses the belt length of 75 in. and 103 in.
And 45 in working width. and 52 in.
The Celaschi hummingbird list
The side window and door machining center of Danckaert woodworking machinery performs all the functions of part manufacturing in a small footprint.
It is equipped with an automatic tool converter with 12 tool units and is equipped with CAM integration software for converting drawings from Auto CAD.
Colibri can be equipped with an optional robot to handle parts.
Delle Vedove presents a new finishing system for the molding of a 100% solid UV coating.
The company said the environmental protection system covers less than 10 m² square meters, with a throughput of 15,000 m per shift.
Delle Vedove also presents a modular construction of the contour sander, which can be configured with 4 to 12 stations and contains a variety of sanding units and functions to meet wood sanding and/or u.
The system can run at speeds up to l00m/min and can be equipped with computer-controlled machines for quick installation.
The Delmac Machinery Group offers Busellato Jet line, a flexible CNC machining center.
It is characterized by double
Track working bed with two moving beams on X
Axis, each axis has two separate boring heads on the Y axisaxis.
On the same track, two beams and relatively boring units run independently on both panels, each in their own work area.
At the same time, two more panels were introduced and clamped on the second track ready for processing.
Delmac also offers a new 400-
Gabbiani single 500 series-
There are multiple configurations for these machines.
It is reported that a new horizontal cutter can score the edge of the laminate before bullnosing, helping to extend the life of the bullnosing tool by 50 times.
Delmac announced the purchase of 20-year-
An old Italian company focusing on the field of automatic assembly and packaging of furniture, flooring and general components.
Core products include packaging equipment and tensile packaging equipment.
E & R System Technik offers Stegherr NF groove cutters designed specifically for cutting work pieces.
The operator can enter and store 200 different cutting procedures, 40 at each cutting position.
Manual or automatic positioning fencing is available for NF.
Gibson America has launched a smart panel saw designed for small woodworking stores.
Smart is manufactured by Brazil\'s Gibson and owns aPC-
Automatic side alignment, 65mm blade projection based on controller, 18-
HP motor, electronic control pusher and heavy-duty-
Heavy duty sawcarriage.
Gigen also showed the new robotic grab system connected to the Fanuc I-Series robot.
The holder is able to carry up to 4 feet of paper at a 12-foot weight, weighing up to 250 kg.
The system is for one-
Manual operation of panel saws and compliance with foreseeable ergonomic regulations. Grecon-
Dimter, another member of the Weinig group, introduced theProfiPress side-glue press.
The glue application system measures the exact dosage needed to help reduce glue consumption and machine contamination.
In the process of conveying to the printing machine, each belt is actively aligned to prevent mismatch and save the cost of wood and sanding. Holz-
She showed Unimaster point-to-point machine.
It has 11 independent vertical spindles with a double horizontal spindle on The X andY shaft, a 10-hp electro-
Spindle variable speed motor and six-
Tool changer for location movement.
Also from Holz-
She was the Cosmeq who conquered 510.
512 CNCmachining center.
Features include drilling devices with 10 independent vertical spindles and four horizontal spindles on the x-axis as well as two horizontal spindles and saw blades on the y-axis.
The div Holzma of Stiles Machinery offers a robot HPL panel saw.
Single robot brings high
Observe the efficiency of parts of different sizes on the production process in five different locations.
An adjustable clip on the robot arm for picking and placing the finished pile.
It is also able to pick up different parts from the stack in the job area for subsequent machining or packaging operations.
Holzma\'s HFL 66 angle system provides an automatic bladechanging system for its series saw bracket, supporting up to a20-
Blade Capacity magazine that can replace blade in less than 30 seconds.
The Hymmen Group presents its dual belt press for direct lamination of laminate flooring.
Features include high handling, low heat impact and consistent quality.
IMA America shows the strength of its new IFS folding system by hanging a heavy rock from the sample shown in the glass box.
System V involved
Slotted strips and holes are injected into the holes of liquid plastic along the seam.
Using the system, acabinet can be manufactured and assembled every 30 seconds, IMA said.
IMA introduces the dynamics
The point value vacuum block positioning system is called \"intelligent clamping device \".
The system is used in the ima bima work Center and the functional support bar can be moved independently or in series to quickly adapt to the changing workpiece size.
Italpresse, who recently opened a new office in FL gorgorda, introduced the cross-section
Front film printing machine for custom manufacturers using a variety of materials.
Almighty 4-ft by 8-
3D hot melt lamination, flat panel cold pressing and flat panel hot pressing can be performed in Ft work area.
Italpresse also presents a new fixture for hydraulic door assembly.
This flexible system allows the user to change the programming settings from the size of one door to the size of the other.
Doors and iron gates, entrance doors, inner doors and louvre doors are available.
Koch Systems Co. , Ltd. \'s Sprint-Plus-L single-
Double sided CNC machine with extra 3-
Shaft wiring capability plus vertical and horizontal drilling, glue injection and pin insertion.
It is specially designed for small size
Bulk manufacturing of drawers and door parts.
The area of work is 2,500mm.
Koch Systems also showed the SBD modelPTP, a double-sidedthrough-feed point-to-
Point machine with automatic inventory return conveyor-man operation.
The process performed by this machine includes saw, drilling, bonding, vertical pin drive and edge drilling.
It can handle parts from 120mm to 2,500mm long. The Leitz i-
As mentioned above, the system is designed to pass a name called \"dust-flow control.
When conventional tools extract wood chips next to the grooves that have been cut, the DFC tools pull the pieces out of the groove like an excavator.
In addition to a dedicated extraction cover, more than 95% of hips were collected, Leitz said.
The Leuco Tribos clamping system of the cutting tool has a collet with an internal profile shaped like a spherical triangle.
It is said that this special shape can provide longer tool life under smaller vibrations, especially at high speeds.
Leuco is also one of three partners involved in the development of the I system tool system described at the beginning of this article.
Makor introduced Vaccumak, a high
Production UV profile processing system.
0 pieces can be processed. 4 in. to 8 in. wide.
Change in feed rate from 93 to 394 fpm; .
The minimum length of work is 15 1/2.
Makor also offers FTL/HE high-performance linear UV drying equipment that allows polymerization in photosensitive UV varnish and paint materials.
When applying varnish or paint on linear molding, photo frame, window parts, etc. with a sprayer or vacuum, it is designed to be used.
Martin introduced four models of t73 slide saw from basic to CNC.
Steel for all modelsconcrete-compound frame.
To accommodate large panels and boards, the tearing fence can be lowered below the table.
Masterwood presents the MW 280, a nested machining center with two pendulum production areas.
Each area is an oversized 4-ft by 8-ft table. An eight-
Position tool converter 10-1/2-hpspindle.
Sicar Meta 950 from Masterwood, USA is a 37-in.
Broadband Sander.
It has a combined roller/Table Plate with motor bed adjustment.
Mayer has introduced a new generation of panel saws with high throughput and more advanced software.
PS2 Profi included up to 6-in.
Blade projection and up to 36-hp motor.
The company said that the optional \"power pack\" increased the speed of the saw rack to 440 fpm and optimized machine functions such as beam openings, with a possible 10% increase in productivity compared to standard configurations. Mereen-
Johnson machines\'s 312-DC/SR Select-A-
Rip debut.
Designed for quick replacement and material optimization.
The saw blade is easy to locate through the new opening
Designed pressure head.
Other features include laser alignment to tear the wood with consistency and glue seam accuracy.
The mid-western automation display minitim MF 118D wide track, proposed, doublesided, feed-through post-
Molding machine designed for small and medium-sized enterprisessized shops. The spring-
The loaded quick replacement forming and compression roller assembly allows the user to form a wide range of standard profiles with minimal or no setup.
Multiax, a CNC router manufacturer, shows a programmable pod system that speeds up setupPartial hold-
Can be put down without a fixture.
The drive of each pod is completely independent;
The Pod array can be programmed according to the part size and shape.
The minimum distance between Podcenter is 30mm, which can handle small parts such as decorative forming parts, and the clearance height is up to 50mm, which helps to drill horizontally.
The Terminator 250 launched by Ogden enterprise, fast, continuous feed, thin
Cut frame saw.
To replace the saw rack quickly, the saw rack is removed from the side of the machine.
Options include the drive guide system and the opposite planing head.
Omga shows FP2000 NC, a programmable pusher that can be installed on any machine.
It has a length of 2 m, 3 m and 4 m.
The stop device slides on the hardened rail at a maximum speed of 60 m/s.
Pan Hans introduced the 690B electronic III Plus slide table saw.
It has a memory that stores 999 programs for recalling the height of the saw blade, the tilt, and the location of the tearing fence.
Panhans also shows the 245 tilt spindle overhead shaping machine.
The control panel, feeder and swing fence at the top are all mounted on a post.
Paul Saws presents a new system of laminate floor tearing.
The camera positioning board to ensure the correct positioning of the grain.
Up to 11 mobile blades, each with its own servo motor, help maximize flexibility and speed conversion.
As part of the weinig group, Interholz Raimann presented Ligna for the first time.
The company\'s booth attracted a lot of attention because the new automatic cutting line consists of a robotic system and an optimized saw with two movable cutting heads, and records operating data controlled by voice commands and sound waves
The operator, gavelanguage, commands both the rip saw and the robot.
The system shows how the verbal command robot provides high quality stacking and interfaces for downstream machines.
S. SCM Group offers new Morbidelli author 800.
The machine is characterized by triangles.
Partial frame and heavy-
The amaching area of 4,200mm x 1,700mm x 180mm and the lateral speed of more than 90 m/min.
Each of the two electronic devices
The spindle is equipped with a fast 10 automatic tool changer.
S. SCM Group also offers Galaxy 140 panel saws made by GabbianiMacchine. It has a 30-
The hp main motor on the carriage traveling along THK can be guided vertically and horizontally.
Feed speeds can be provided up to 500 fpm.
Other features include 3D software, magnetic strips for photoelectric encoders for positioning, and patented blade replacement systems.
IDM Activa R edgebander from the us scm Group has many configurations, which are usually determined by the application, from spiral suede and 3mm Pvc to 1-in. lumber.
S. SCM Group also offers the Olimpic S212/S220 series electronic lines.
It is ideal for large production operations, but also has a fast conversion function to handle small operations.
Features include a digital indicator for installation, an interchanging cauldron for quick discoloration, and a 4mm guillotine for cutting thick PVC and wood coils.
The idea of solid wood quality preferential month Balestrini --axis twin-
Table of the center.
Designed for chair parts and other solid wood parts.
The center is highly automated and covers a relatively small area. Homag (
Introduction of power line, an efficient singleUnit production.
The feature of this processing center isspeed, high-
Produce output processing systems for up to 22 different parts per minute.
The demo on this machine shows cross-
Cutting saw, staggered stacking of parts of different sizes on the same stack, staggered cutting, adjusting dimensions, edge colors, and contour decorative parts of various shapes and sizes.
The Cefla finishing group, also represented by Stiles Machinery, uses an economical molding finishing system that handles dyeing, sealing and top coating on three sides of the profile.
The system is equipped with an automatic unloading and drying rack system. Heian (
Shows a complete
Nested automation
Basic medium fiber door production line for virtual handoff production.
The line is characterized by material handling, panel cleaning, double loading, processing, part removal, bar code part labeling, unloading and destruction management.
The device also includes an automatic sanding, surface bonding of the Cefla, and a Wemhoner pressing system. James L.
Taylor, the manufacturer of clip carriers, clips and other assembly equipment, introduced its \"new ideas for edge bonding technology\" disc.
It has many languages.
Gannomat shows the spectral drilling and Pin Insertion machine.
It is characterized by width-
1-adjustable automatic return conveyorman operation.
It can be found from Tritec Associates.
The new Gannomat matrix 250-is also provided by Tritec-40 CNCpoint-to-
Drill, glue, pin insert machine.
It has seven vertical drilling spindles and two horizontal Borg spindles.
Vecoplan LLC introduced RG 52 u short wood grinder.
It has a throughput of up to 18,000 lbs per hour and a drive motor of 40 to horsepower.
Monitor with touchpad.
Weing introduced Profimat 26 Super moulder, the successor of the company\'s popular Profimat 23E.
Or five-orsix-
Spindle version, up to 10 1/4-in.
Ability to work and a range of additional equipment.
Wintersteiger presents a modular thin-cut saw for lamellas production.
The modular design enables the machine to meet the needs of any customer and can be easily put into existing production lines.
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