ligna big on \'lean\' technology: further advances in computer-controlled setup to reduce machine downtime and labor costs mark the international woodworking industry\'s premier event.

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About 100,000 visitors to Version 2005 ligna-
Plus witnessed the development trend of more flexible and versatile machines designed for lean today
Manufacturers with ideas
Even machines that have long been associated with high productivity, such as moul machines and panel saws, are also being developed to handle a batch of size machines, as wood products companies around the world are rushing to adopt costs
Provide customers with a wider range of options.
Ligna also witnessed a sustained increase in multiple drugs
Functional machines and work units are used not only to reduce material handling, but also to reduce floor space.
Some concepts of display include-
Feed edgebanders equipped with drilling equipment and aggregatesdesigned are designed to provide 3-axis router 5-Shaft capability.
Computers are at the heart of these developments.
Machine manufacturers are using the higher operational capabilities of today\'s computers, not only to create and store programs more efficiently to quickly set up all operational functions, but also to support more visual tips to help machine operators, maintain calibration and fault diagnosis of moving parts.
Here are three dozen machines and production-
Related Technologies at Ligna-showPlus 2005.
Most of these products will be on display at the AWFS Vegas fair in July 27. 30.
For more information about a specific product, please circle the corresponding number on the reader service card or visit E-Info at www. iswonline. com.
Stell Machinery Co. , Ltd. , an American branch of odendor.
, New WA 8 slide saw.
It features digital lifting and adjustment of saw unit a 5. 5-kw (7. 5 PS)
The motor and the double pulley frame with reinforced guide, as well as the simple saw blade replacement with tool clamping system.
The slide is 3,200mm long, and there is also a version of 1,800.
3,100mm cut length (
Or 1,700 respectively).
Saw blade diameter 400mm, maximum cutting depth 130mm.
Anderson 294 Anderson America provides CabMaxx CNC router for individuals and nested users
Machining based on parts.
CabMaxx features 3,700mm by 1,600 mmtable.
It features an x-axis stroke of 2,000mm, an axis stroke of 4,100mm, and a Z-axis stroke of 400mm.
Circle 295 Atlantic machinery supplies Putsch-
Automatic vertical panel saw.
It has a horizontal cutting programmer, a cutting unit with dual blades and independent motors, and a saw that automatically flips from horizontal cutting to vertical cutting, and vice versa.
Circle 296 Mercedes-Benz has launched a new series of multi-wire, converged molding centers.
They feature flexible, modular WFB-
Disconnection makes it possible to use various input or output connections using only one aggregate.
Increased productivity by being able to replace tools faster and using only one basic aggregation.
Circle 297 Benz also introduced 5-to allow end users to perform-
3-shaft processingor 4-axis machine.
Convert the machine to 5-axis-
Even when processing solid wood, it is possible to use the NC machining center and make the profile application possible.
Circle 298mm Biesse introduced-the-
The Commission has improved its Streamedgebander series.
First, the glue Pan and the glue head have been integrated into the heart of the machine.
The standard control unit consists of a PC with machine programs supported by Windows XP and a quick connection to the fieldbus system on all units.
All machines are modular and offer different bed lengths to accommodate a wide range of different work heads.
Circle 299 Biesse shows the Selco WNA 600 synchronous corner saw.
With full CNC control, it can choose the best cutting order for small and large production batches.
There are SIOS in WNA 600--
Side entry and exit station--
Located on one side of the tranversezone.
It allows waste and closure
From longitudinal sections to cuts that accumulate and unload, or plates that are loaded only for cross-axis cutting.
Circle 300 Biesse said that the damping workpiece using the robot shaft actually eliminates the setting on the Skipper 100 machining center.
It can handle one part at a time or two parts stacked together at the same time.
It has 76 fast drill bitscyclespindles.
Other features include an integrated top and bottom router and an integrated saw blade for slotting.
Ven301 Veneta Machine Imperial Eagle is a flexible workstation designed for small and large producers to make Template cuts.
From Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc.
It is characterized by 7. 5-
Hp main motor with cutting length of 150mm to 1,400mm and cutting height of 1mm to mm.
The cutting diameter is 300mm.
The Circle 302 Colonial saw offers the new Striebig standard vertical facing panel saw.
The TRK version is equipped with a laminated support tile made of birchplywood.
Striebig says the saw has a stronger frame and better dust collection.
Circle 303 Costa & Gleason offers a full range of broadband sanding machines with a brand new computer.
Computer system.
In addition to storing an auto-set sanding program, the Windows operating system has an auxiliary manager to keep all contract rollers, pads and other key components running within tolerance.
Costa also introduced a laser system for automatically adjusting the thickness at the feed and automatically controlling the tolerance of the parts at the discharge.
Circle 304 Danckaert machinery signed an agreement as sole agentS.
Dealer of equipment of GMC Machhine.
Products include single-anddouble-
Tail knife and finger
Welding equipment for the production of furniture, panels, doors and windows, parquet floors, etc.
Circle 305 Delmac machinery group has officially become an exclusive distributor of Celashi tenoners.
Celaschi introduced Infissi
End curlers for making windows and door components.
It has the \"colibri\" function of automatic replacement tool and electronic back
Up dogunit to achieve more efficient pre-
Score in unlocking and squeezing surgery.
Circle 306 DMG also offers the new Busellato Flexa 200 edgebander.
All the settings of the machine are programmable, including the chain rail feed speed, the control of the positioning shaft and the automatic reduction of the temperature of the glue tank. The single-
The final machine is characterized by rounded corners.
307 circle Busellato Jet Penta from DMG is 5-
CNC machining center.
The controller is integrated with Genesis Evolution software, allowing it to program like a point
Point rig.
The machine gun is equipped with a boring head and a 15-kwliquid-cooled electro-spindle.
Round 308mm Giardina introduces the Dualtech automatic spraying machine.
It features four robotic spray guns with feed speeds of up to 30 fpm and 1-minutequick-
Middle-change color system-to high-
Production requirements.
Other features include a maximum working width of 1,300mm, wet-on-
Wet conveyor belt cleaning system and complete recovery of paint from conveyor belt.
Circle 30g Gibson has launched Y3000 SPT/MR single-
The wire panel saw is capable of handling staggered patterns similar to the angle system as it comes with a moving \"PM system\" fixture.
Features include the alength saw carriage return speed of 170 m/min and the push return speed of l00m/min.
The MR rotation system turns the panel for secondary cutting.
310 circle Holz-
She first introduced the cutting 70 pressure beam saw, an expensive addition to the company\'s panel saw line.
It has a cutting length of 3,900mm and a cutting width of 3,900mm or 100mm.
It can handle stacks up to 70mm in thickness;
The saw compartment is driven through a rackand-
The pinion system is supported by two linear guide rails. A 15-in.
The TFT display is optimized for easy use with the cut control 2 system and EasyPlan.
311 circle Holz-
She also showed pro.
Master 7123 CNC machining center.
It works with X-
Shaft travel of 3,200mm, 4,100mm or 5,000mm. TheY-
Shaft travel up to 1,585mm;
There may be 425mm of the trip in z-axis.
Compact machining head with spindle, 18 vertical drilling spindle, up to eight horizontal spindle and X-
Directions, plus space for adding a second saw unit.
Circle 312 Holzma U. S.
A Department of Stiles machinery
, A new holzma HBV 380 robot panel size system for lighting-out production.
It combines Hotzma panel saw technology with barstedt material handling technology, which can be three consecutive shifts without personnel.
It can be used to process single panel or large book High.
The new Hymmen Deco print DCP prints wood grain or other decorative materials on single boards, engineering panels or other wood and plastic substrates.
DCP can repeat length up to 2.
2 m, the feed speed is 120 m/min.
Hymmen said a patented PC control technology helps to facilitate sync and provide register accuracy within strict tolerances.
Circle 314 IMA introduces a combination of edge sealing, drilling and pin insertion integrated into one machine.
I said floor-
Save 30 or more panels per minute.
Drill bit aggregates with 6 to 18 individually controllable spindles are controlled by a linear motor in the feed direction.
The round 315 IMA showcases furniture made with lightweight honeycomb panels and strap technology.
They include a system for applying 3mm thick edge reinforcement on panels that are not framed.
For furniture components that require lip strips, IMA developed a post-
The frame process that allows the insertion of the Lip Bar.
In the process of surface folding, the edge of the steel bar is generated from the surface finish, similar to the direct back molding.
The core of the Circle316 Joos HP 115 Hot Press is a hydraulic unit.
It also features an electronic control system, an electronic heating plate, an expandable bracket, etc.
Koch 317 Koch machinery Systems Co. , Ltd.
Sprint PTP 3 point-to-
Automatic pin machine.
It has a fast conversion function and can be used for the following purposesin-
Time or mass production of variables
Size workpiece.
318 circle New Martin T92 mould got a tip from CNC machining center
There are fewer direct drivers for its tools.
This makes the spindle run smoother and \"almost completely free\" from the maintenance of the drive unit, Martin said \".
The machine is characterized by a vertical stroke of 85mm for the left and right spindle.
The T92 has four to seven spindles that can process workpieces up to 260mm wide and high.
Circle 319 Omga Display System T 2005 OPT, high
End, push in compliance-
The size of the kitchen cabinet factory. If features on-the-
Inkjet printing of customer part information.
The Circle 320 solution is the new Stefani edgebander from the us scm Group, designed to add a single-
Focus on media and big companies.
Suitable for thin, ABS and solid wood surface treatment, and can also form a solution for aluminum edge treatment or soft edge treatment
Molding and back molding process.
Two NC-solution available
Management motor for corner
Allows the rounding of up to eight different toots to be automatically converted.
The Circle 321 SCM Group in the United States provides Routech Oikos RT 4000 CNC trimmer, combining the traditional concept of the beam processor with the technology of the modern CNC wiring center.
It is a flexible center for cutting, drilling and processing beams, solid wood or glued wood, suitable for carpenters, prefabricated houses and structural wood buildings, garden sheds, exterior wood buildings, and children\'s playground
The Circle 322 solid wood system offers Balestrini 50, a 5-
Axis CNCmachining center with two tool tables.
Designed for the manufacture of chair parts, furniture accessories and other complex productsshapeditems.
The machining center can perform all operations in one cycle, such as cross cutting, drilling, unlocking, profiling, etc.
323 circle Stiles machinery
Homag on behalf of the United States.
AtLigna of Homag shows the concept of \"lean factory.
By drilling, trimming, and edge sealing operations, the overall work of panel cutting using the nesting process is automatically run on onemachine, so that parts can be processed faster in less space.
Inkjet print lines can be added to apply designs, logos, wood prints, etc using UVcoatings.
Round 324mm Torwegge introduces the Optimat world table 100, through
A feeder for making honeycomb panels.
The system is available from Stiles machinery and can take advantage of different types of materials and bonding systems.
Witkey BHP Billiton 325 gantry 500-
StilesMachinery\'s style processing cetner is designed for small-volume drilling.
It is characterized by workpiece processing, five
Side Drill with up to 84 horizontal drilling spindles and optional positioning pin mounting system.
Opti displayed by 326 TM system-
Optimized crossover Kap seriescutsaws.
The saw automatically measures, optimizes the wood and cuts it into components.
The saw can be equipped with optional automatic thickness and width measurement, etc.
Associate Professor, circle 327.
New Gannomat Vector is available, a CNC controlled drilling and insertion machine for accelerating cabinet assembly. It has a5-
Spindle drill on Y-axis and a 3-
Spindle drill on TheXaxis.
All drilling spindles are singleselectable.
Hinges, buffers, accessories, etc.
Automatic Hopper feeding.
Circle 328 Tritec also offers a new Gannomat index pro.
It\'s a cnccontrol point-to-
Drill, glue and pin
Variable programming insert machine for drilling patterns.
It can insert pins with a diameter of 25mm to 60mm up to 12mm in length.
Independent horizontal and vertical drilling units have three sheets per unit
Standard optional boringspindles;
The drilling unit with five drilling spindles is optional.
Circle 329mm Weinig group celebrates the one hundred anniversary of the founding of Ligna and the new machine including Conturex, through
Feed profile Center for complete machining of complex solid wood parts. Thefully CNC-
The controlled production system allows the production of a part by combining saw, milling, drill and sanding.
Round 330mm Wintersteiger introduces the sonic thin of DSG
Cut frame saw.
It\'s for parquet floors, engineering doors, pencil slats, multiple
Building windows, furniture, musical instruments, etc.
DSG Wintersteiger also introduced Eco-plus, anentry-level thin-
Cut frame saw with cutting height up to 400mm
Tilt and stellite saw blade with cut Kerr rom 0. 9mm.
Circle 331 WoodEye has introduced a wider range of wood scanning systems.
It can move an antenna up to 650mm wide for detecting the exact size and position of light and shade knots, rot, Blue
Stains, resin pockets and marrow.
The WoodEye system can also be used for rip optimization and edge checking
Wooden boards, wooden beams, parquet floors, shelves, etc. Circle 332 [
Slightly] Illustrations
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