List different sanding machine selected configuration?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Alien sanding machine selected configuration: 1. Mainly used in furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, such as window frame rough surface of the bristles. 2. Use cloth, sisal, grinding roll edge grinding workpiece edge, edge grinding workpiece edge is sharp after chamfering, surface accumulation phenomenon such as burr, paint. 3. Four modular unit of work: ( 1) Double brush roller, spinning lateral movement; ( 2) Brush rotating and lateral movement; ( 3) 、( 4) Side roller, spinning lateral; 4. Memory function: to encode finished work and memory. When it work again, it only need to input code. According to the memory data, the machine will automatically adjust the height of work, in order to meet the job requirements. 5. Fixed worktable adopts the vacuum adsorption can be short and smooth workpieces, even in large grinding process can ensure effective raw material conveying; 6. Conveying bed surface mirror processing, high degree of finish. After high temperature aging, stable material deformation, accuracy stability is very strong. 7. Gear reducer has the high-end gear frequency conversion function.
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