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by:Gewinn     2019-08-18
Kolkata: The long electoral process in Bangladesh has brought more trouble to the people in need of the city --
However, \"abnormal delay \"-Metro projects.
Subway projects in almost every city often go wrong.
Due to land problems. The seven-
As the state government is concerned that the project will be delayed further, resulting in cost overruns, the stage vote seems to make things worse.
The state government recently expressed concern about the extension of the project.
Chief Secretary of Bangladesh (transport)
Alapan Bandyopadhyay has written to the general manager of Metro rail asking them to take additional initiatives to overcome stumbling blocks and resume projects on the fast track.
\"The subway project is already facing serious time overruns.
People in Kolkata have never suffered because of these.
A Ministry of Transport official said: \"end the project.
For example, the Ministry of Defense (MoD)
Permission for land in Kusong Park is on the edge.
In the last civil action
The military liaison meeting held before the vote decided to Kolkata Metro Company (KMRC)
NoC must be applied for the plot.
Unless NoC is obtained, work such as the mobile tram track making way for the construction of the integrated Marina Metro station cannot begin.
The Defense Department is the guardian of Maidan.
Bandyopadhyay therefore asked the metro company to advise the KMRCL authorities.
It is worth noting that, unlike other metro cities in India, all subway projects here are under the leadership of the Ministry of Railways.
In other cities, these projects are the responsibility of the Ministry of Urban Development.
Although KMRC is the executive agency of east-west subway, Vikas niam Co. , Ltd (RVNL)
Attention is being paid to the implementation of all other metro projects in Kolkata.
\"If it\'s Joka-
\"BBD Bag Metro corridor, I found that starting with Majherhat, the rv nl engineers need to have a clearer understanding of the route issues,\" the letter said . \".
The letter also said the government of West Bengal could support
Actively help rnl find alternative land for the Mominpore metro station, but rnl also needs to know something about the application of \"remaining defense open space.
Except for the land of momifleur, Joka-
BBD Bag stretching also needs to reduce the tunnel rig in the Maidan plot (TBM).
Unless the cleaning speed is fast, the underground building of Joka-will be further delayed
BBD packs the subway, an official said. The Garia-
The airport corridor needs to be re-adjusted near the mouth of Rajarhat-
Because there are many new towns.
After informing the route, the tall buildings appeared.
While the Metro authorities tend to make demolition orders for the buildings, the state is more inclined to readjust.
The cost provided by Rv nl for the re-adjustment of the research and design ceremony has not yet been resolved.
Little progress at Noapara
Napa Naga-
Through the airport and Barana-
Pass the Barrackpore route of Dak shishwa.
The main obstacle here is the land.
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