Lumber size will determine the wood lathe processing of it

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
In general carpentry when using wood lathe processing products, is the size of the according to the types of wood and wood to determine what exactly is to processing products. So to some extent, the size of the wood determines the workers use wood lathe processing on it. Big size have to do some products, small size is to do small parts. Then we look at the specific wood lathe machining process for the wood quality and size requirements. It is a mechanical equipment has its own production line, a way to protect the wood lathe is the most simple and clear, is to the equipment and processing of wood, strict control, as far as possible within the scope of its limited ability to processing, it can work out elegant products at the same time, also can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. However with carpentry processing staff size selection is one of the most troubling thing, many people blindly choose bad consequences, we'll give you specific explain below small make up, hope can help you fundamentally. The first thing to distinguish between the diameter of the wood ( The most generous side wood size) And length. Our company processing size range: 30 cm X1. 5 meters, 40 cm X1. 5 meters, 40 cm X2. 5 meters. When wood lathe processing small squares, we adjust the rotation speed is high, the car should slow down when large square, including linear speed is the cause of the problem. Such as processing of timber is 20 cm, eat wood processing dimension is larger, this situation is recommended not to continue processing, easy to cut wood, so the car the size of the wood should be according to the regulations of the company when wood lathe processing before use the material is very important, everyone before use must undertake choosing according to the request of the above. If you come when you least expect them to some of the problems over the use of wood lathe or you have any order need the wood lathe, and other products, can be directly to our site to consult.
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