Nc machine tools to improve quality is the key to form a complete set of domestic China

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
The 12th China international machine tool show, CIMT2011) ” On April 11 ~ 16, 2011 held in Beijing. China has grown into the world's largest machine tool market, hebei hua purusha group and many large machine accessories manufacturers such as tool vendors, etc. Participated in the exhibition. In addition to the pursuit of high return on investment of emerging market countries special models, also to show the original approved in the Chinese market has been not high value-added model. One of its key words is & other; Automation & throughout; 。 Exhibition hall covers an area of about 120000 m2, a total of more than 1100 enterprises, the scale for successive China international machine tool show. In recent years, the scale more than known as & other; Throughout the world's three largest machine tool exhibition &; American IMTS ( Chicago show) , Europe EMO ( The European international machine tool exhibition) And Japan JIMTOF ( The Japan international machine tool exhibition) And even is called & other; Throughout the world four big machine tool exhibition &; 。 Is not only the price, but also began to pay attention to the quality of China purusha speech: high automation requirements, in addition to additional workpiece handling, remove the device and robot monomer machine tool system requirements, but also in terms of the high demand for high function of machine tool. Originally need to use more than one machine only takes one to carry on the processing of the workpiece is the composite processing machine, can shorten the working period of multi-axis lathe and so on. A subsidiary of the mitsubishi & ndash; — Ling shang ( Shanghai) Exhibited trading company, the company has 'in the Chinese market selling of machinery ( Headquarters: toyama county takaoka city) Horizontal machining center, MC) , and nakamura precision industry ( Headquarters: ishikawa prefecture of baishan) The composite processing machine. Because the mitsubishi Technos red well in industrial equipment sales department Kang Zhi judgment that & other; Although the price is higher than that in vertical MC horizontal MC originally in the Chinese market has not been popular, but in key shows can easily implement automation after this characteristic, recognizes horizontal MC for more and more users throughout the &; 。 In the background of this change in addition to cope with rising labor, and is the manufacturers hope to improve and stabilize production of product quality. Because is difficult to improve the factory staff retention rate, by the skill of the employees to maintain the high quality of the method is not suitable for Chinese enterprises. For Chinese parts manufacturers have a large number of orders, in the case of a quality requirement is higher and higher, it is necessary to make automation equipment investment. Longtzer blacksmith composite processing machine strategy by department of counselor ponder said, big island & other; Recently, China parts manufacturers have not the price we quote us surprised throughout the &; 。 “ With more attention paid to the automation, so as the future main models & throughout; ( Murata machinery Asia Turning sales section chief gaoqiao let a) Exhibited, murata machinery parallel biaxial NC lathe & other; MW120” 。 According to murata machinery, in the existing customers for specific parts of the exhibition to its shape and accuracy by consultation. Rising demand for automation, however, exactly to what extent, the industry is not the same. Some Japanese manufacturers, said an official with the & other; Is scheduled for automation equipment market will expand over the next few years, but have yet to find balance in terms of return on investment, so there are very few companies import & throughout; 。 According to introducing, easy to realize automation for the future, at present the import external device when using extensible configuration of users is growing steadily. Only a minority of Chinese manufacturers, mainly shows the enterprise automation function. One of these is the dalian machine tool. The company in recent years, mainly to provide automotive related industry automation system. On the meeting, the company will be exhibited at the three horizontal MC“ MDH50A” Connects processing cylinder ( 气缸体) The automation system. At present, the automation system to the sales of the company accounted for about thirty percent. According to the dalian machine tool, the products are mainly provided to Chinese manufacturers. In the specialized cell (purusha group hebei China quality ~ credit has been received a good merchant technical support
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