Nc machine tools will eventually replace the manual operation - - - - - - - Ann show CNC electronic cutting saw precision push Taiwan saw instead

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Nc machine tools will eventually replace the manual operation - - - - - - - Ann show CNC electronic cutting saw instead of precision push Taiwan saw, the mobile Internet in today's world, the Internet of things, big data exchange collision, new generation technologies such as the main industry in developed countries will look back on manufacturing industry, China in the face of economic pressures at home and abroad are choosing this emerging industry, the development of intelligent manufacturing is complete industrial transformation and upgrading, and depth of the fuel at a high level of industrialization and information fusion of a the most rational development road. Industrial robots mass instead of traditional human production activities is the trend of The Times. Development of the cause of the industrial robot is not only to reduce labor cost, also is the inherent requirement of intelligent high-end precision manufacturing mode, but also bear the humans from heavy, dangerous, repeatability labor liberated historical mission. In recent years the rapid growth of global industrial robot installations, the reason on the one hand is the developed countries to draw hard lessons from the global financial crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis, implement the strategy of industrialization again; On the other hand is due to the rapid development of China's industrial robot market demand. Countries for smart manufacturing around the world are showing strong interest in, various policy measures have been introduced. Important reason lies in the past three years the global falling within the scope of manufacturing, market, employment and other factors on the national economic pressure gradually increase. Europe and the United States, and other developed countries expect to use traditional intelligent manufacturing in response to weak domestic economic conditions, solid economic foundation, and against the trend of manufacturing industry shift to emerging market countries. Developing countries and regions will hope that the use of intelligent manufacturing for industrial structure adjustment, improve the comprehensive competitiveness. Germany proposed trademark & other; 4. 0' That is the long-term objectives of the development of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing equipment and the industrial robot. Global in robot industry maintained a good momentum of growth at the same time, along with the electronic products and new industry growing demand, and the need of automation, industrial robot application mainly in the automotive, electrical and electronic, rubber plastic, metal and mechanical field. Estimated in the future, at least 10 to 20 years, the market potential of industrial robots and industry will continue to grow. To promote the development of favorable factors are many, one is that China's industrial structure upgrade to speed up the pace, key national policy support, the Ministry of Science and Technology has high from the industrial robot to deploy additional key features, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology support, represented by the industrial robot intelligent manufacturing, etc. ; Second, improving the quality of the batch products homogeneity and the production efficiency, the enterprise will request more flexibility and agility of production line, and large scale application of the industrial robot can satisfy them; Three is the theory of industrial robot research accumulated deep, equipment production begun to take shape, China after 20 years of effort have formed some competitive industrial robots, research institutions and enterprises, have mastered the basic robot design and manufacture technology, control system design of hardware and software technology, kinematics and trajectory planning technology, developed a series of high technological content of products and components. Four is application range widening, engineering machinery, rail transit has covered, low-voltage electrical appliances, electric power, IC equipment, military industry, tobacco, financial, medical, metallurgical and print, and many other industries, the development potential; Five is China's industrial economic growth is slowing, a new road to industrialization trend gradually clear, the original cheap Labour costs, product manufacturing requirements gradually improve, if continue to adhere to the road of original growth has been more and more cost-effective; Six is the historical mission of industrial robot, industrial robots can realize people less or the requirements of precision and reliable products, complete & other; Beyond people & throughout; Mission, and can be applied to the bigger risk, the danger of human existence in the bad environment, complete & other; Instead of human & throughout; Mission, human can be liberated from the heavy manual labor, prompting human mental like the work of more advanced, complete & other; Liberate people & throughout; The final mission. Nc machine tools will eventually replace the manual operation - - - - - - - Ann show CNC electronic cutting saw precision push Taiwan saw instead
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