new drinking water supply tunnel being constructed under burrard inlet

by:Gewinn     2019-09-06
Stacking three or four people together, you can almost reach the height of the new tunnel, which will be deep under the Burrard entrance and deliver the water from the north shore to the rest of Vancouver on the Metro.
Director of major projects, management systems and utilities services in Greater Vancouver water area.
\"Construction began this week at the Second Narrows Water Supply tunnel. The 1. 1-
The kilometer-long tunnel will be located east of the ironwork Memorial Bridge, replacing the three water pipes installed on 1948, 1954 and 1978.
These trunk lines are located in the trench at the bottom of the Burrard entrance and are covered with protective materials.
\"Because they are very shallow, they can\'t resist the big earthquake or the erosion,\" Huber said . \".
To replace them, the metro company hopes to build a tunnel under the entrance, be able to withstand earthquakes and carry twice as much water as the existing trunk line to meet future needs.
First, two tunnel shafts will be built
One, 60 m deep, in the north of Vancouver, north of the entrance, in the yard of the Metro Vancouver factory east of the Seymour River, and another 110-metre-
Deep shaft in the forest area of the Second Narrows Park (
Also known as Montrose Park)
On the south side of benabi\'s entrance.
Murray Gantt, department manager in charge of the water supply tunnel project, said the construction of the North shaft began on Thursday and is expected to take nine to 12 months to complete.
Earlier this year, the second narrow Park carried out site preparation and tree removal, and shaft construction will begin later this summer.
It is expected to be completed in spring 2020.
As soon as the North well is completed, a brand new Mud Tunnel rig will be lowered to the bottom, a 30-meter tunnel under the Burrard entrance until it reaches the exit shaft on the south side, Gantt said.
As the machine progresses, its knife head will rotate slowly and remove soil and rock material from the tunnel. Every 1.
5 to 2 m, it will install a concrete ring after it.
The tunnel project is expected to take nine months.
Three steel pipestwo 2. 4-
1 m in diameter.
5 m in diameter-
Will be installed in the tunnel, which will be 6.
5 m in diameter.
The new trunk line will be connected to the existing system of the new valve chamber and will be restored in the second narrow park between Autumn 2023 and spring 2024.
The Metro is discussing with the Port of Vancouver how to deal with the old plumbing.
The second is the second of the five offshore water channels under construction by the Vancouver Metro to replace the existing water pipes. The one-kilometre-
Long, which connects the noble forest to Surrey under the Fraser River, was put into use in early 2017.
Due to the problems encountered in the tunneling process, the construction time is almost twice as much as expected
The ground conditions are hard, about 200 before the end of the crossing, the drill machine is broken and must be repaired.
However, the project is indeed below $240
Millions of budget due to a large number of accidents.
\"Tunnel Engineering is a very risky business,\" Huber admits . \"
Metro has done a strong risk assessment, he said, trying to identify any problems that may arise in the Second Narrows project and develop a plan to avoid or deal with them.
\"We always put things into the contract, but unfortunately you can\'t predict 100 what or when it will happen,\" Huber said . \".
\"The key is to be prepared to respond.
As a result, the Second Narrows project also has a significant amount of emergency funding in its $445 fundingmillion budget.
Construction of the new annwater water supply tunnel between New Westminster and Surrey is scheduled to start in 2020 and end in 2025. It will be 4.
5 m in diameter, 2.
The shaft is 3 kilometers long.
It will increase the water supply capacity, improve the seismic capacity, and prevent river erosion and other marine activities.
Other tunnel projects in the future include Cambie-
Richmond water supply tunnel and Hani main water supply tunnel.
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