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by:Gewinn     2019-08-21
Kolkata: Prerna and catalna in the tunnel
A machine drilled through an underground passage in the east.
The West Metro corridor, which is currently stationed in the BBD Charter area, is 100 metres apart and is located in slo-
The mo mode appears again despite the different reasons.
While Prerna was trapped in the delayed construction of the proposed Mahakaran station\'s upcoming Southern Underground Wall, the latter must take into account the Sunday Mass at St. Andrew\'s Church on December 3
Currently, both TBMs are in slow-moving mode (
For the tedious reboot process, the machine cannot be completely stopped and must run at the slowest speed).
Digging up the tension in Kolkata
The tunnel, originally scheduled to be restarted on Wednesday, was adapted to the 20 th Anniversary thanksgiving service last Sunday.
At that time, Kolkata Metro Corporation (KMRC)
Rs 8,996 is being implemented-
The Crore project plans to put it back in a hole-digging mode that requires 30 m/s on Wednesday.
Tunnel construction was stopped 20 metres from St. Andrew\'s Church, which is strengthening and preparing for tunnel construction.
But the schedule for drilling the tunnel under the church had to be postponed again at the last minute, this time to accommodate another prayer next Sunday.
We have rescheduled the Relana of Sunday Mass at St. Andrew\'s church to start again.
A senior official at KMRC said it was hoped that the excavation under the church could begin next Monday or Tuesday.
When asked why KMRC could not comply with the date on which Kolkata was restarted on November 29 --
A kmrc engineer said we did not take risks.
We don\'t want someone in the church in the event that the TBM may still be drilling.
Even after the most intense intensive action, accidents cannot be ruled out.
About 50 people are expected to attend Sunday mass.
If we start drilling on Wednesday, we should go through the church by Saturday, but people never know.
What if there is a delay and tunnel management takes longer?
The prayer was on Sunday morning, the engineer added.
Executive Agency Afcons-
Transtonnelstroy is not sure if Johanna will pass the church by Sunday, as Prerna spent nearly five days passing the 75-meter-wide writer\'s building.
The Church of St. Andrew is small in width, but the authorities still have a day.
Digging Prerna in Haura.
On the other hand, the binding tunnel had to reduce the speed because BSNL had to transfer 13 cables connecting about 7,000 landlines.
This shift is a major challenge for the telephone authorities who are taking additional precautions because they do not want to disconnect a landline from the dahousi square, the city\'s central business district.
Transmit cables one by one to keep them uninterruptedupted service.
Therefore, even if Prerna passed the writer and successfully broke through the northern underground wall of the proposed Mahakaran station at about 10.
At 40 on Monday morning, the workers were nervous and wondered if they could build the southern diaphragm in the next 20 days.
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