new metro line with 29 stations would cost less than $6b, projet montréal says

by:Gewinn     2019-08-11
A giant tunnel-
The opposition municipal party said in its campaign announcement on Tuesday that boring machines would allow the projetmontral administration to build a brand new subway line for less than $6 billion.
A commitment to build so-
Known as the pink line is the culmination of the party\'s efforts to remove Dennis corcordray from the town hall in next month\'s municipal elections.
This will be the most ambitious expansion of the Montreal Metro system since the end of 1980.
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Here\'s what you need to know is that projet\'s leader, Valery Plante, first proposed a new metro line during last year\'s campaign for the party\'s leadership, connecting northern Montreal to the city center
In the document issued at the technical briefing, the party outlined its belief that innovative new construction techniques could be used to build 21 kilometres of underground tracks on the diagonal side of the island.
It refers to the use of tunnels.
Let Barcelona build a boring machine for a new subway line underground, causing relatively small interference to residents and businesses above the route.
Just like Barcelona\'s Line 9, the North and South tracks of the pink line will be built on top of another track.
This line will cover some of the most densely populated and economically difficult communities in Montreal, and there is currently no one that is serviced by the Metro system.
Charm offensive: Valery Plante charges for city HallSmooth operators: DenisCoderremethod, who lives in powerprojetmontre, envisioned a pink line of 29 kilometers in total, through
The road between the city center and Razzini will be the ground Railway.
Wheelchair access is available at all 29 stations.
A \"sustainable solution\" for transport is required in Montreal, which cites three possible sources of funding for the project: the new federal infrastructure bank (
Capital of $35 billion)
$90 for the Quebec government
Public transport infrastructure fund in Ottawa.
\"With the establishment of the Canadian infrastructure bank, the momentum is there,\" Plantesaid added on Tuesday on the proposed metro line \"sunbathing\", to the Motawa and Quebec provincial government projects
\"Without a more sustainable solution, the actual network cannot support current traffic,\" she said . \".
\"We can\'t build more roads, but we can build more subway lines.
\"The Pink red line will be constructed in three phases: the planning phase will last until 2021 and the construction of the first 18 stations and 16-kilometer tunnels between 2021 and 2025, plus two years to build the land section.
The McGill research center, a PhD student at the College of Urban Planning at McGill University, said that it looks good on paper, but the cost is difficult to predict, and he specializes in transportation planning, most of the content proposed by projetmontral looks good on paper, especially its emphasis on accessibility, but more details are needed.
\"Announcing the nature of such a project in the campaign is of course you don\'t need to provide a lot of detail and you can stir up a lot of excitement,\" she said.
Maguiresaid takes the pink line through some of Montreal\'s most densely populated and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, which is \"good political capital\" for the party, but from a public transport perspective, this
\"If you want to recoup the cost of building this line, you need to have enough passenger capacity,\" she said . \".
\"This is very important.
\"Is it possible to build pink lines for the expected $5.
9 billion is another problem that Maguiresaid can hardly predict.
Maguiresaid has a number of variables that will ultimately affect prices, from how many companies are bidding contracts to labor costs.
\"As far as [it] is something that can really blow your body to the unknowncost]
\"This is the trajectory,\" she said.
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