New research and development of automatic punching machine manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
Automatic up-down material stamping manipulator arm: mechanical structure with high strength aluminum extrusions, with fine linear slide rail; Light weight, good rigidity, low friction, long life. Claw rotation mechanism: the arm front end can rotate 90 & deg; , fixture of the clip with no material absorption test installation ( Optional) Maintenance: peace and injection molding machine, dual mode-locked maintain peace, peace moulds. Remove waste, ensure that the product has not remove not clamping. Function characteristics: X axis can be rotated 90 & deg; Lunch in mode operation, and is equipped with buffer, make a schedule more stable. Y equipment anti slide cylinder. The Z axis slewing can adjust the Angle of 45 & deg; ~90° And in accordance with the practice requirement changes direction. ( The injection machine is operating side or reverse operation side) 。 Control system: the small handheld controller, humanized operation interface, operation safety and cumbersome. The machine features: X - 650 cocoa intake alone is expected to head, take products, at the same time can also take two head plate products and down spout. X - 650 pr machine can be used to take three board products and down spout feeding head at the same time, who is also an arm used alone. L - 550 the machine specially designed for vertical machine, fully automatic right to take out the material floolwing head. Suitable for 50 to 250 tons of various horizontal/vertical injection molding machine, mainly for the down spout, also applies to simple waste products and down spout. Up and down the arm type has single and double cross sectional type type, up and down stroke is 550/650 mm. Claw rotation mechanism, waste can rotate 90 degrees. It is able to quickly and accurately remove shuikou material from the mold to the edge mill stop immediately recycling. Learn more about punch up-down material information of the manipulator, please log on to http://www. gmrcsk。 com/
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