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by:Gewinn     2019-09-10
The tax bureau today seized more than 9 million cigarettes in Dublin harbor.
Cigarettes labeled \"American Legend\" and \"festival\" are hidden in 45-
Containers arriving at the port of Dublin from Rotterdam are said to contain tractor parts.
When smuggled cigarettes were found, the container was selected as X-due to routine analysis-
Revenue\'s mobile scanner Ray.
The retail value of these cigarettes is more than 4 euros.
Six million dollars is a potential loss for the Treasury.
Shell-to-sea protester Maura Harrington was arrested today at Belmullet at Mayo and taken to Montjoy for 10 days for not paying a fine.
Her brother Sean Harrington said on rte News this evening that he understood the fine of 300 euros as he tried to block a tunnel
Boring machines were introduced to Ballinaboy in 2012.
Before being taken to Dublin, he said, she was arrested around three o\'clock P. M. outside Belmullet\'s Irish bank.
Today, a man who was released on bail for the murder of a police officer was arrested for the second time in 48 hours.
Christopher Robinson was detained again, allegedly tampering with the electronic label installed as part of the release condition. The 45-year-
The old one was also charged with a new crime of criminal damage to the equipment. But he was re-
After his lawyer argued that a fall outside his home caused the label to loosen, he again admitted bail.
Mr. Robinson of Aspen Park at company Antrim Dunmurry was charged with the murder of 52-year-
Old Adrian Simme is marching.
German newspaper Sueddeutche Zeitung said that the source of the millions of documents leaked to the newspaper by Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca has sent them a declaration, which the newspaper revealed said, his motivation is \"the scale of injustice \".
Sueddeutzezeitung said that the source has never publicly stated why he leaked the documents and is now called the Panama documents (SZ)
One of Germany\'s most famous newspapers. In a1,800-
Sources call themselves \"John Doe,\" and word manifesto, published today on SZ\'s website, praised others who leaked secrets and sensitive documents, such as Edward Snowden.
\"Legal whistleblowers who expose unquestionable misconduct, both insiders and outsiders, should be exempt from government retaliation,\" he said . \".
A year ago, the source contacted the newspaper to provide encrypted internal files of Mossak Fonseca, who denied being a spy, but says he has recognized the \"scale of injustice\" described in their content \".
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