next big thing from elon musk? it could be \'boring\'

by:Gewinn     2019-09-13
A series of tweets released by serial technology entrepreneur Elon Musk on Saturday suggested that his future as a startup could be a bit \"boring \".
\"The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, who spoke on Twitter on Saturday morning, seemed to find an annoying problem-traffic.
Musk has commented in the past on his transportation infrastructure in the United States. S.
, Sent these posts: Musk has also been trying to solve his frustration with traffic problems through the above content
Ground means his Hyperloop project, which proposes a large-scale plan
Transport pod moving through aboveground tubes.
But it doesn\'t seem enough, commented: \"Traffic drives me crazy.
I\'m going to build a tunnel rig and start digging . . . . . . \"He even gave the business a name called\" Boring Company \"and started branding it with a slogan:\" boring, that\'s what we do.
\"And then ended it with Twitter,\" I\'m actually going to do that.
\"With Twitter, Musk\'s Twitter bio has also been updated.
It now lists the priorities he assumed, \"Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnel (yes, tunnels)& OpenAI.
\"The executive may have got a clue from the president --
Donald Trump, who was elected, commented during his campaign on the need for infrastructure reconstruction.
Musk was one of 18 tech executives who met with Trump at last week\'s Tech Advisory Team Summit in New York.
Whether it\'s just the thinking of a guy stuck in a traffic jam, or someone with cash and technical knowledge, how to actually implement a viable business plan for a new business is still to be determined.
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