Next year will be a disastrous year for the German auto industry

by:Gewinn     2022-05-05
German 'Economic Weekly' reported: German auto expert Dudenhof (Ferdinand Dudenhoerfer) expects that 2010 will be a disastrous year for German auto dealers and manufacturers. Obviously, this is not good news for the local machine tool industry. According to his analysis, 4,000 dealerships will close next year and car sales will drop by 50%. The reason why this year is no longer good is because car sales this year have benefited from Germany's 'old-for-new' policy. 'The biggest loser in percentage terms next year will be imported cars,' with Fiat seeing a 51 percent drop in sales, followed by Hyundai and Suzuki, Duchess forecasts. Among German automakers, only BMW and Porsche will grow slightly, while Volkswagen will shrink by 30 percent and Opel by 26 percent. Duchess believes that auto dealers will see a sharp drop in new car sales next year, and at the same time have to suffer high losses due to recalls of rental cars, 'among which German brands are particularly affected'. German carmakers will also pass huge losses on to dealers to avoid collapse. 'In 2010, German automakers had nothing but significant losses in their home market,' Duche said.
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