nj transit awards $583m contract for section of n.j.-n.y. rail tunnel

by:Gewinn     2019-09-08
When NJ Transit broke working hours for $8 in June.
7 billion public transport tunnels connecting New Jersey railway commuters and Manhattan, showing a tunnel at Newark headquarters --
The boring machine and banner read: \"We are ready.
\"With the award of $0. 583 billion in construction contracts today, the past seems far behind
Suddenly, the concept became a reality.
At a meeting attended by the outgoing government
Jon corzin of the New Jersey Transportation Authority awarded Judlau of Queens and Montana company Barnard, who opened a shop in New Jersey, the first major tunnel engineering contract.
The contract is one of the three tunnel sections for the project--a mile-
Long Street in Manhattan.
The contractor will use a large tunnel rig to start digging the section under Manhattan\'s West End starting early next year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.
Bids for the Palisades Tunnel section are expected to be issued in a few weeks, followed by the Hudson section.
The public transport tunnel, the largest public transport project in the United States, is expected to double the commuter rail capacity between New Jersey and New York after its completion by the end of 2017.
Corzine said the project will improve the quality of life of thousands of commuters while creating thousands of jobs.
Nearly a century ago, he noted, the original commuter railway tunnel was built under the Hudson River.
\"Now we are taking steps to make this investment more important not only for today but for a long time to come,\" the governor said . \".
After the completion of the rail transit tunnel, it is expected that the service capacity will be increased from 23 trains per hour to 48 trains per hour during the peak hours, and 90,000 passengers can be carried during the early peak hours, nearly double the current 46,000 passengers.
It creates a transfer. free, one-
On 10 of the 12 rail lines in NJ Transit, passengers can take seats.
Jeff Titel, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, said the tunnel had no direct connection to Penn Station in New York, which was not helpful for commuters who wanted to go to Manhattan\'s East Side, where they were building, so that it can avoid environmental requirements.
He said that although there was enough time to decide the ideal location of the tunnel, the plan was locked in place to provide a photo opportunity on the ground
The groundbreaking ceremony for the June campaign.
\"This is about the peak of the contract, not the peak of the commuter,\" Tittel said . \".
Traffic officials in New Jersey say the reason the project could not connect to the existing Penn Station is because it is no longer possible to dig a huge trench in Manhattan for such a shallow connection, like the Penn Railroad did in 1910.
Government spokesman Maria Comella said. -
Chris Christie, the elected, pointed out today that Christie supports the tunnel project. In addition, U. S. Sens. Frank R.
Peter Palmer and Zoe Baldwin, president of North Jersey Transportation Planning Bureau
The national traffic movement has expressed support for the project.
\"This contract marks another important milestone in our efforts to get thousands of people committed to improving the mass transport infrastructure in our region,\" Lautenberg said in a statement . \".
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