North Korea focuses on research and development of light industrial machine tools to open the international market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-05
North Korea is one of China's trading partners, but North Korea has always given China the impression of being backward and closed. In recent years, with the new leader of North Korea taking office, North Korea's industrial development and foreign exchanges have been greatly strengthened, and the machine tool industry has developed rapidly. North Korea's central task in 2012 is to focus on developing light industry and agriculture and improving people's living standards. In order to achieve this goal, the North Korean side sent a large number of workers to China to work and study technology to accumulate experience and cultivate technical talents. At the same time, the investment in industrial manufacturing has also increased, and North Korea's absorption of foreign information has changed the needs of the people and promoted the development of industrial manufacturing. Recently, North Korea announced in the official news that it awarded the title of 'North Korean Labor Hero' and 'First Class National Flag Medal' to the No. 26 lathe of the Pyongyang Textile Machinery Factory. The high honor awarded to machine tools also shows the importance that North Korea attaches to industrial development. At present, the functions of North Korean machine tools basically meet the work requirements of its factories. The most important thing is that compared with domestic machine tools, its price is very cheap. The RV-25 CNC machine tool, a machine tool product independently developed by North Korea, has been exported to many countries in Europe, the Middle East and other regions, and its quality is very reliable.
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