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by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
With the development of science and technology, numerical control technology is now applied in the wood lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe with the ordinary wood lathe biggest difference is that the application of numerical control technology. Small make up to introduce the numerical control system before, so today we'll have a look at the numerical control device together. Numerical control device is the core of numerical control of the system, in addition, numerical control system include input/output devices, driving devices and machine tool electrical logic control device, through the I/O interface interconnection between the four parts. Numerical control the device through software and hardware support to control the realization of the function of all kinds of CNC. Emphatically introduce the numerical control device hardware today. Numerical control device hardware structure according to the CNC device in the splicing method of printed circuit boards can be divided into big board structure and function module ( Small plate) Structure; By CNC apparatus hardware manufacturing method, which can be divided into special structure and personal computer type structure; According to the number of the microprocessor in CNC equipment can be divided into single microprocessor structure and the structure of the microprocessor. A, big plate structure and the function template structure: 1, the big board structure big board structure of the CNC CNC device by the main circuit board, position control board, PC board, graphics, control board, additional I/O board and power supply unit, etc. The main circuit board is a large printed circuit board, other circuit board is a small plate, inserted in the slot on the printed circuit board. This structure is similar to the structure of a microcomputer. 2, the structure of the functional module 2, 1 single microprocessor structure and microprocessor architecture, the structure of the single microprocessor: in single microprocessor structure, only a microprocessor, with centralized control, numerical control device of the various tasks. More than 2, the microprocessor structure: with the increase of numerical control system function, the improvement of numerical control machine tool processing speed, single microprocessor CNC system can not meet the requirements, therefore, many numerical control system adopted the structure of the microprocessor. If in a CNC system with two or more than two microprocessors, each microprocessor through data bus or communication mode to connect, share the common memory and I/O interface in the system, each part of the microprocessor share system work, this is more than the microprocessor system. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe numerical control device of simple introduction, everyone know? For more information, please continue to visit our website.
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