Numerical control system how to check

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
Numerical control woodworking lathe as the name suggests is the numerical control technology and the perfect combination of wood lathe products, from here we can see that for numerical control woodworking lathe, the most important thing is to CNC system, CNC system should be how to check? The detail is below. ( 1) Numerical control system of the crates as the numerical control system in a single purchase and nc system and machine tool supporting the machine to buy, the arrival of the goods when unpacking the case should be carefully examined. Check including system ontology and the matching of feed speed control unit and servo motor, the spindle control unit and the spindle motor. ( 2) External cable connection outside cable connection is index control device with external MDI/CRT unit, high-voltage electrical cabinets, machine tool operation panel, feed servo motor power line and feedback line, the spindle motor power line connected to the feedback signal lines and connection with hand pulse generator, etc. Should make these comply with the provisions of the random provides the connection of the manual. Finally also should carry on the ground wire. ( 3) Numerical control system of the power cord connection should be under the condition of the cutting numerical control cabinet power switch connected to the numerical control cabinet power supply transformer primary side input cable. ( 4) Setting the confirmation of the numerical control system in printed circuit board, there are many with jumper cables short circuit set point, need to set properly so as to adapt to the different requirements of various types of machine tool. ( 5) Through numerical control cabinet power supply, check the output voltage to electricity, it must carry on the inspection, this basically is to debug. Is to verify that in a lot of security to the cable to break, after the dentsu, can have the operation of the of fan, this is better. For it wrong, that is there are many ways of numerical control system to detect, if there is one fault is available for the corresponding processing. Above is the small make up, let me summarize all the content for you, believe that everyone is after the above details should be a master, this is subcontracted must be imposed in accordance with the way.
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