Numerical control woodworking lathe 5 check points

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe work condition for a long time, it is easy to appear all sorts of small fault, will inevitably affect the whole efficiency of the equipment. In order to avoid the happening of the similar situation, we made five check points here, hope you can help to you. 1. Check the motor, mechanical system, make sure there are no abnormal noise. 2. Check each part of the machine tool lubrication condition. 3. Check whether the cover and door and other safety protection device is safe, working properly. 4. Check belt release, such as do not conform to the requirements of the specification, please adjust or change. The belt should be in good condition without damage. 5. Spindle before operation, collet chuck or knob should be tight, in case the collet chuck jaw throw or fly out. Hope you in the future it is important to note that when using CNC woodworking lathe more than five checkpoints, measures to prevent get everything, not only is the guarantee of the equipment for the guarantee of efficiency.
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