Numerical control woodworking lathe at different stages of maintenance technique

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe is needed when using maintenance at any time, but also want to hold good degrees at different stages, only in this way can the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, for a long time will not a problem. Again in the face of the rapidness development era, do almost anything to efficiency first, in the use of numerical control woodworking lathe we also try our best to do some maintenance measures to ensure its normal operation, so in the process of production and processing can reduce the efficiency. Next we specific learning its maintenance skills that have some. For the new CNC woodworking use 10 to regularly check a lathe bed, look to whether have a screw loose anomalies, such as a loose should tighten in a timely manner. Should be timely clean wood powder in daily work, check the wiring problem, and tool wear condition, if discovery is unusual adjustments in a timely manner. Cheer for note and tool slide bearing spindle bearing on a regular basis. Ball screw should be inspected regularly every month end bearing lubrication. Triangle too loose, timely use electric fixed plate adjust the firmness of triangle. Dust cover cleaning should be inspected regularly. In addition to each quarter of numerical control woodworking lathe to do some of the overall maintenance. Only according to the above several ways prepared to a certain processing, in the process of our generation can be well prepared, improve efficiency.
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