Numerical control woodworking lathe automatic tool change device has what kind of form

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Nowadays, CNC woodworking lathes are widely used in wood processing enterprises, its processing and high efficiency, simple maintenance, the characteristics of cost savings was deeply loved by the masses of users, and numerical control woodworking lathe at work can be done in the process of automatic tool change. Small make up today is to introduce the lathe several types of automatic tool change device. 1, the rotary tool rest in knife is one of the simplest automatic tool change device. Rotary tool rest in structure must have good strength and rigidity, to bear the cutting force when the rough machining; More necessary to choose reliable JJ positioning scheme and reasonable positioning structure, to ensure that rotary) ) After each transfer its have repeated positioning accuracy as high as possible. Second, the spindle head dislocation in knife in the CNC machine with a rotating tool, make the spindle head dislocation is a relatively simple way of tool change. And requiring in turning center has completed processing of rotary surface, and then work out a little flat, grooves, holes and thread, etc. , all in a clamping processing. Turret head can in each station offers a variety of the axis of rotary motion. Three, with a knife library automatic tool change system with a knife library automatic tool change system is composed of knife library and tool exchange mechanism, it is currently the most widely used in machining center machine knife method. Another knife library emerged in the multiple spindle tool change system. The above content is the three kinds of numerical control woodworking lathe automatic tool change device, hope to be of service.
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