Numerical control woodworking lathe can be part of the term may be used

by:Gewinn     2020-04-22
Every industry has its own jargon, woodworking industry is no exception, CNC woodworking lathe in use process will encounter a lot of woodworking professional terms, there is a saying to scent has successively, there are specialize in. For carpenter's such an interesting profession, the professional term still have a lot of, then we have to get to know some of the most basic terms. In the treatment of the terms are used in woodworking, saw the road - — When saw with split wood cracks. Kerf - — Traces of sawtooth in sawing surface. Wool - — After saw cutting processing leave after work. Net material - — Wool after machining, reaches the size of the workpiece. Parts - — To assemble parts or piece of product. Components - — By the parts assembled into independent assembly parts. Single package set - — Wooden frame side glue stick a man-made board. Said the term in the level of processing of a thick, light - — Product parts on a flat plane, pressure and other mechanical processing surface roughness; Its characteristic is smooth, without chewing head, without kerf, without obvious inverse finches crack or length is greater than 3 mm of ripple. Fine light - — Roughness of product components, its characteristics is only visual is not obvious, but can be felt of burr, cutting, cross stubble, no inverse grain, qiao grain, grooving. Off - — Roughness on the surface of the product components, is characterized by visual or feel no burr, cutting marks, cross stubble, mechanical damage, flat after stroke without rough traces with chalk. Parallel - — Product door, drawer door, frame, line, or flat, etc. , and framework of parallel degree. Texture - — The structure of a material nature call ( The quality) 。 Bug eat by moth, — Moth eye or with adult material continues to erode. Numerical control woodworking lathe at the time of processing wood will encounter some of these terms, and more detailed content here small make up just don't do a lot of, can read data to obtain if necessary.
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