Numerical control woodworking lathe casting technology

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Along with China's support for the national economy, China's industry to develop rapidly. Numerical control woodworking lathe is slowly rise. Numerical control woodworking lathe depend on unique professional skills, advanced equipment, excellent staff, and their struggle 'worked hard, forge ahead' energy and 'science and technology development, credibility first' service tenet, become China's first batch of nc equipment professional manufacturers. Products are exported to overseas, and has established more than 40 service outlets throughout the country. Numerical control woodworking lathe skills is excellent, the following will introduce numerical control woodworking lathe bed casting technology. Numerical control woodworking lathe bed forging priority choose sand mould forging. Because of the low cost sand mould forging than other forging method, production process short, short production cycle. When wet can't meet the requirements to consider using clay sand table dry sand, dry sand mold or other mould. Forging process of coatings for green sand casting component can be from a few kilograms to a few kilograms, but clay dry type of machine tool bed casting can weigh up to dozens of tons. Machine tool lathe bed casting and other large mold has greater advantages than the traditional sand mould, it not only saves precious wood type, is easy to operate, and shorten the production cycle, improve the producing power, has high measure precision, small machining allowance, good surface quality and other advantages.
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