Numerical control woodworking lathe cooling method

by:Gewinn     2020-04-12
Mechanical equipment if work for long time, can appear the phenomenon of high temperature, CNC woodworking lathe. If CNC woodworking lathe work long hours, can appear the phenomenon of high temperature, but if the temperature is too gao will affect the lathe work, may cause failure. So how to cool the CNC woodworking lathe? First of all, the first method is in the process of numerical control woodworking lathe cutting, machine separation process respectively, so as to make the equipment can fully in components of cooling, and then change the grinding machine, because the device in the running process will produce friction, the friction will generate heat, so you must add more lubricant in friction parts, thereby reducing friction, reduce the heat. The second method is to use the radiator and auxiliary to meet the cooling requirements of the cooler, forced cooling the work on the body, if it is in winter, it needs to be heated, so that can keep CNC woodworking lathe is consistent with hot and cold temperature. The last one is inspection on lathe parts, see if there are any where is damaged, if you have also have to handle in time. Above is cooling down method of numerical control woodworking lathe, the hope can help you.
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