Numerical control woodworking lathe daily check items

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
For numerical control woodworking lathe daily inspection work is very important, only be careful to observe the machine's operation condition can have problems timely. Small make up according to the actual work experience, to summarizes the five CNC woodworking lathe daily check items, let's look at the people below. 1, check the running belt looseness is a fundamental work. It is important to note should never put a finger between the belt and pulley, easily broken fingers. 2, check the motor, mechanical system, to ensure that no abnormal noise. Have a special sound that machines have an accident. 3, check the cover and door and other safety protection device is safe and working properly. 4, before the spindle run, collet chuck or knob should be tight, in case the collet chuck jaw throw or fly out. 5, when the automatic operation, all the moving parts in machine tool to automatically according to the procedure, check all the moving parts of shipment at the same time, dynamic situation, should be smooth, no abnormal noise. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe daily check project, hope to be of service.
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