Numerical control woodworking lathe daily inspection guide

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Either we need to inspection and maintenance of all mechanical, explain below small make up for all the CNC woodworking lathe daily inspection work? What are those? Position detection system is an important part of nc lathe servo system. Its main function is to detect displacement, and detects the feedback signal and the numerical control device signal instructions, if any deviation, then control execution parts to eliminate the direction deviation, which constitute the closed loop of the servo system or half closed loop control. The machining precision of numerical control lathe is mainly composed of the precision of the detection system. Position detection system can measure the minimum displacement is called resolution. Generally requires the resolution of the measuring element in 0. 0001-0. 01 mm, measurement accuracy is 0. 001-0. 02 mm, speed of 0 ~ 24 m/min. Different types of numerical control lathe, the position detection element, the precision of the detection system and the highest speed unit under test requirements vary. With the development of numerical control lathe, precision and speed is higher and higher, some machine tool positioning accuracy reached plus or minus 0. 002 mm / 300 m, the spindle speed reached 100000 r/min, the unit under test the highest speed of up to 240 m/min, the resolution of the displacement of the test ( To detect the minimum displacement) Can reach 1 microns. The highest resolution in 0. 01μm。 Numerical control lathe for the position detection device requirements:
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