Numerical control woodworking lathe design flexibility to adapt to the needs of different work!

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
The popularization of nc and advantages of growing, CNC woodworking lathe is becoming more and more favor in choosing the numerical control type, because it not only high efficiency but also improve the quality and precision of the products. “ Numerical control woodworking lathe & throughout; Through the numerical control program control processing machinery and equipment. According to the requirements, according to the characteristics of wood processing industry, woodworking industry combined with the wood products industry employees operating habits, independent research and development design patent products. By numerical control technology control mechanical action, the enterprise can machining cylindrical, conical, arc and spherical complex shapes of rotors wood or wood semi-finished products. Especially suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized wood industry enterprises, may at any time set shape, rapidly changing processing style. Production CNC woodworking lathe more famous enterprise in shandong place constant d nc machinery co. , LTD. Take the furniture industry, the use of numerical control woodworking lathe can reduce many of auxiliary mould and jig, furniture production process can realize the automation of production line, the worker's labor from complex to simple, greatly reduce the labor cost, so the application of CNC technology for furniture production enterprises obtain excess profit CNC woodworking lathe is to put the parts processing requirements, procedures and sizes with code Numbers, through the information carrier ( Such as punched tape) Input dedicated computer, through processing and calculation, a variety of control signals to control the movement of machine tools, auto parts processing out according to the requirements of drawings. It can not only for process control and control of auxiliary function, and can control the coordinates, is the integrated application of computational technology, automatic control technology in the 1930 s, precision measuring and machine tool design and other advanced technology developed a new type of machine tools. As the market competition is more and more intense, the requirement of high efficiency, high precision is also more and more. Numerical control woodworking lathe to numerical control, has become the inevitable market orientation and trend.
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