Numerical control woodworking lathe double car what advantage

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Is the development and progress of woodworking lathe numerical control woodworking lathe, on the basis of you, in order to meet the requirements of users for the new modification, if we common to the numerical control woodworking lathe has four knives, two-axis double, double spindle blades, etc. They are all in the numerical control woodworking lathe on the transformation and upgrade. That the transformation and upgrade of wood production of what kind of role? Let's take a look at together. JCYT series multifunctional woodworking CNC lathe: four single spindle feed milling carving automatic numerical control woodworking lathe, uniaxial five feed milling carving four multifunctional automatic woodworking lathe, biaxial feed milling carving multi-function lathe, biaxial five feed milling carving wood lathe high configuration. Through numerical control intelligent variable frequency spindle speed change actively, to avoid the car after the wood and by column deformation fine broken cylinder from machine form a risk. Suitable for a variety of different specifications products processing, reducing the trouble due to replace belt groove speed down, by setting up automatic frequency conversion to the speed of the grinding. Processing engineering according to the situation of cylinder rotate automatically add and subtract rotation and feeding speed without affecting the machining accuracy. Especially suitable for processing large column, easily implement large diameter slow the rapid processing of small diameter. Would be due to repeated for numerical control woodworking lathe processing as the center set not processed cylinder and the deflection of formation, the deflection condition again repeated car wood will cause bad cutting before cylinder. Precision automatic woodworking CNC lathe has suspended memory function, after processing to suspend, from suspended place start machining without repeatedly, solve the machining problems above. Overall CNC woodworking lathe double car use to us on the basis of processing to solve many problems, colleagues also on the machining efficiency has played a very important role. Of numerical control woodworking lathe through the above understanding after we added a understanding. Want to know more about the content of please pay attention to our website at http://www. gmhwjx。 com/
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