Numerical control woodworking lathe economic indicators

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Numerical control woodworking lathe used to make technical and economic indexes of the machine parts of equipment known as metal cutting machine tool, the machine for short. Numerical control woodworking lathe itself quality, directly affect the quality of the building machines. Measure the quality of a numerical control woodworking lathe are various, but mainly good technical demand, seriation, generalization and standardization degree is high, construct a brief, light weight, secure operation, the higher yield. Let's have a look at the skills of numerical control woodworking lathe under the index. 1, the machining accuracy and surface roughness to ensure machining accuracy and surface roughness of the parts, CNC woodworking lathe itself is necessary to have will be how much precision, the movement precision, transmission precision and dynamic accuracy. 2, the possibility of technology. Numerical control woodworking machine used to produce different demand, a variety of general machine tool can end must scale parts machining, the possibility of technology with wider, so the structure is relatively clutter, are used to produce sheet small batch. CNC woodworking lathe can only end one or a few parts of specific working procedure, the possibility of its technology is relatively narrow, suitable for mass production, can increase the rate of yield, ensure the machining quality, simplify the machine structure, reduce the machine cost.
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