Numerical control woodworking lathe equipment performance advantages

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
In the wood processing factory, we often can see the figure of numerical control woodworking lathe, it provides an important help for the wood processing, plays an important part for enterprises to improve efficiency and quality. In order to make people better understand and use the numerical control woodworking lathe, then below small make up to introduce numerical control woodworking lathe performance advantages. 1, the interface simple operation. The control system is my company independent research and development. In line with the domestic ordinary people operating habits, its operation is simple and friendly interface, operating hints and clear. 2, sample processing and fast. Clarity of CNC system, Chinese characters and Arabic Numbers and combination of point, line, easy to understand. Computer graphics, support usb flash drive was admitted, precision can be controlled in 1 micron. 3, turning bright and clean, USES frequency conversion motor, the speed can be according to the needs of processing from 0 - 3800 turn adjusted. Long equipped with the device, ensure the stability of grew up when turning a machined part. 4, high efficiency. System is equipped with three speed gear knife, according to the needs of actual machining parts can be arbitrary implanted different knife speed, general processing length 80 cm in diameter 4. 8 cm stair columns as long as 1 minutes. Biaxial nc woodworking lathe is work out 2 pillars within 1 minute. 5, low processing cost. Ordinary hand knife is needs to have certain technical personnel operation, general technical sewing worker 3 times higher wages to pay. Kyokuto numerical control woodworking lathe is ordinary woman worker can operate. Back knife lathe cutter should be controlled in 2000 yuan commonly, can be expensive. Especially for 3000 pieces of the following orders are more unsuitable. 6, good stability. We adopt the high performance control module, solid precise casting lathe bed, equipped with precision ball screw and high-quality high-power step-motor, timely and perfect after-sales service team, the largest extent, ensure the normal production of processing enterprises. Equipment quality and after-sales service is the most concerned with customer, please let us have a detailed consultation. Manufactured by casting process, it is a three dimensional processing equipment, is yuan yu woodworking machinery after biaxial single-pole YMC series of blockbuster launch a device. The equipment adopts the international universal CNC system, independent research and development of double processing technology at the same time, the 300 mm diameter of less than, a knife molding, need not back knife, precision and smoothness is very high. Suitable for machining large diameter or furniture of high smoothness requirements. Operation, the device can be changed in the computer software flower shape, size, the software automatically generated cutter path, use U disk was admitted to system, can run. Compared with the biaxial equipment operation more simple, more fine workmanship. Above is the performance advantage of numerical control woodworking lathe, the hope can help you.
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